How To Get A Passport In Illinois?

In order to obtain a passport, you must complete and submit the relevant Illinois passport application. In order to submit an application for a passport card and/or book for the first time, you must go to the nearest passport office. When applying for a new passport, you must have with you an original certified copy of your proof of citizenship, as well as a photocopy of the original.

How to Submit an Application at a Passport Agency

  1. Call 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment.
  2. Within 5 business days, you will be going worldwide

Where can I apply for an Illinois passport?

You can submit an application for a standard or expedited passport service at an Illinois passport acceptance center. It’s important to note that many offices require appointments, so contact ahead before going. The information provided below will assist you in locating the Illinois passport office that is most convenient for you.

How many passport offices are there in Illinois?

There are more than 30 passport offices in Chicago, which is much more than any other city in Illinois. If you live in a city or town where there is no accepting facility, you should look at a neighboring city or town.

How long does it take to get a passport in Chicago?

  • The passport offices in Chicago listed below are venues where citizens of the United States can apply for new passports or renew their existing passports.
  • You are not need to reside in Chicago in order to submit an application at one of these application acceptance sites.
  • You may have to wait up to six weeks for processing unless you request expedited service.
  • The majority of institutions demand that you make an appointment.
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How much does it cost to get a passport in Illinois?

I’m an adult (16 years or older) and this is my first time applying for a job.

Product Form Application Fee
Passport Book DS-11 $130
Passport Card DS-11 $30
Passport Book & Card DS-11 $160

How long does it take to get a passport in Illinois?

Process times for routine applications are 8 to 11 weeks, and for expedited applications (for an extra $60), the time is 5 to 7 weeks. No matter whether you apply for a passport by mail or in person at a local acceptance facility, our processing timeframes begin on the day we receive your application from the passport agency or center where you submitted it.

Where do you go to get a passport in Illinois?

List of Passport Acceptance Facilities in Illinois

Facility Address ZIP

What is the fastest way to get a passport in Illinois?

  • Chicago, Illinois is a city in the United States of America.
  • Express passport service via mail, which incurs an extra government charge, takes 2-3 weeks and costs an additional $100.
  • It is possible that attending in person to the Chicago Passport Agency could provide you with faster passport processing services.
  • The Passport Agency, on the other hand, often requires an appointment, and availability might fill up quickly.

What are the documents needed for passport?

  1. Passport Photo Passbook of an active bank account in any public sector bank, private sector bank, or regional rural bank is required for a new passport.
  2. A bill for water
  3. Election Photo ID card
  4. Bill for a landline or postpaid mobile phone
  5. Evidence of a gas connection
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How do I apply for a new passport?

Step 2: Create a package for your application submission.

  1. Fill out the Form DS-11, Application for a United States Passport, on the State Department’s online site.
  2. Your application should be printed once it has been finished. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN YOUR APPLICATION.
  3. Take a photograph of your passport
  4. Make a photocopy of your identification and citizenship documents in the United States.
  5. Make a rough estimate of your fees.

What is the difference between a passport book and a passport card?

The passport card was created to meet the special requirements of border communities in the northern and southern United States with inhabitants who often cross the border by land. The passport book is the sole piece of identification that may be used for international flight travel.

Can I get my passport in one day?

In the Philippines, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) offers expedited processing, with a processing time of six (6) working days for applicants in the National Capital Region and seven (7) working days for applicants outside the NCR. A cost of Php 1,200.00 is charged for expedited processing. What are the prerequisites for submitting a passport application form?

How long are passports good for?

  • If you were 16 or older at the time of your passport’s issuance, your passport is valid for a period of 10 years.
  • If you were under the age of sixteen when your passport was issued, your passport will be valid for five years after that date.
  • This information may be found on the data page of your passport book or on the front of your passport card, depending on where you obtained your passport.
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How fast can I get a new passport?

Obtaining a passport normally takes less than one month from the moment you make an appointment with the appropriate government agency. New appointments become available for a day three weeks in ahead, at midnight every night, three weeks in advance.

How much do passports cost?

Passport Prices & Fees

Passport Type Standard Fee (10-12 weeks) Total Passport Fees
New Adult Passport $130 $165
Passport Renewal $130 $130
Replacement Passport (lost, stolen, damaged) $130 $165
Child (Minor) Passport $100 $135

How can I get my passport online in 2020?

In order to apply for passport services, you must go to, which is the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Alternatively, candidates can make use of the official mobile application mPassport Seva, which can be obtained from the Android and iOS application stores, respectively.

How long does it take to get a passport 2021?

When a standard application is submitted, the applicant will receive his or her passport within 30-45 days, however if the application is submitted using the Tatkaal option, the applicant would have their passport within 7-14 days.

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