How To Go Crabbing In Maryland?

Cecil County is a terrific spot to go crabbing, not only is the catch fresh, but they have a variety of publicly accessible piers for you to go with your mates or family. The best three piers to go crabbing in Cecil County, Maryland are Charlestone Stone Wharf & Fishing Pier, Rouges Harbour in Elk Neck State Park, and Perryville Community Park.

When you go crab fishing in Maryland using handlines or dip nets, you do not need a license; but, if you use trotlines, collapsible crab traps, net rings, or seines, you do need a Maryland recreational crabbing license. During the period beginning on April 1 and ending on July 14, hard crabs must meet a size criterion of at least 5 inches across measured from the points of their spikes.

Can you use a crab pot to go crabbing in Maryland?

In addition, if you want to go crabbing in Maryland, you may use a crab pot as long as it is registered, you use it from shoreline property that you own, and it adheres to the regulations that are currently in place. Do you need an illustration of each trap? They are shown here.

What is the legal size of blue crabs in Maryland?

Legal size requirements for blue crabs caught in Maryland.Hardshell Male Blue Crabs are 5 inches long and 5 1/4 inches wide.Soft-shell Blue Crabs are available from April 1 through July 14 and from July 15 through December 31.

Peeler Crab: 314 inches: 312 inches Blue Crab: 312 inches Mature Female Crab: 312 inches Blue Crab: 312 inches No minimum size: No minimum size: Blue Crab Regulations in Maryland may be found at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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