What County Is Matthews North Carolina In?

Matthews is a town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, United States, located in the southeastern part of the county. It is a neighborhood in the city of Charlotte. According to the 2010 Census, the city has a population of 27,198 people.

The greater Charleston metro region is made up of three counties or county equivalents, which can include independent cities — and Dorchester County is the one with the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita of any of them. So far, a total of 35,298 illnesses have been reported in Dorchester County, resulting in a rate of 22,703 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

What county is Matthews Indiana in?

The coordinates are 40.38694°N 85.49583°W / 40.38694; -85.49583 Matthews is a community in Grant County, Indiana, in the United States, along the Mississinewa River. It is located in Jefferson Township. At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 596 people.

What is it like to live in Matthews NC?

Matthews, North Carolina, is a close-knit community that is a suburb of Charlotte with its own distinct culture. Late afternoon and evenings in the downtown area are ideal for enjoying a meal while taking in the historic surroundings. The fact that everything is walkable down-town lends itself to a sense of community while you’re there.

What is the population of Matthew’s town?

According to the 2010 Census, the city has a population of 27,198 people. It is situated at 35°7′1′′N 80°42′59′′W / 35.11694°N 80.71639°W / 35.11694; -80.71639. Matthews is in the state of North Carolina (35.116851, -80.716409). As reported by the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total land area of 14.2 square miles (36.8 km2), with the majority of that area being land.

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Is Matthews NC A good place to live?

Matthews is located in Mecklenburg County and is considered to be one of the greatest locations to live in the state of NC. Living in Matthews provides inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of residents are homeowners. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to choose from in Matthews.

Is Matthews NC in Union County?

Matthews is a city in North Carolina that is located in both Union and Mecklenburg Counties.

What is the racial makeup in Matthews North Carolina?

Matthews’s Population and Demographics White represents 78.90 percent of the population. 10.15 percent of the population is black or African American. 4.05 percent of the population is Asian. 3.43 percent of the population is of another race.

What is Matthews NC known for?

The region currently known as Matthews used to be unspoilt undulating forests with enormous stands of trees, nestled between Charlotte and Monroe, and it is now a planned community. By the early 1800s, this fertile and welcoming area had drawn the attention of our earliest residents, who were mostly agriculturalists.

Is Monroe NC in Mecklenburg County?

This community is located in Union County, a little more than 30 miles outside of Uptown Detroit.

What is the safest part of Charlotte NC?

  1. The following neighborhoods have consistently shown to be the safest in the Charlotte metropolitan region. Dilworth, Fourth Ward, Hermitage Court, Plaza Midwood, Wilmore Local Historic District, Cornelius, Davidson, and Elizabeth are some of the neighborhoods of Dilworth.

What is a good salary in Charlotte NC?

Anything over $46,000 is considered a respectable salary in Charlotte, North Carolina.This is due to the fact that the median income in Charlotte is $46,000, which implies that if you make more than that, you earn more than half of the individuals who live in the city.It takes an average of 56,449 dollars to make it in Charlotte.In Charlotte, a respectable hourly income is $22.12 per hour, according to Payscale.

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What is the best area in Charlotte NC to live?

  1. The Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Charlotte The Uptown – Downtown Living Experience is Ideal for Young Professionals
  2. SouthPark is considered to be the safest neighborhood in Charlotte.
  3. Ballantyne is a family-friendly neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  4. University City is the best student-friendly neighborhood in Charlotte.

What county is Matthews NC?

Matthews’ principal coordinate point is located in Mecklenburg County at latitude 35.1168 and longitude -80.7237, which is the intersection of two highways. The legal limits of the Town of Matthews contain a land area of 17.1 square miles and a water area of 0.08 square miles, with a total land area of 17.1 square miles.

What is the black population of North Carolina?

This represents 22 percent of the overall population of North Carolina. Additional citizens classified as black or African American in conjunction with another race, for a total of 155,269 people. Overall, 2.35 million people identify as black or African-American (individually or in combination), accounting for 23% of the state’s population in terms of race or ethnicity. 1

Where is Matthews NC located?

Is there a constant supply of water? Wicked Weed Funkatorium’s beer offering includes a variety of styles. Depot Shopping Center is located at 111 Matthews Station St in Matthews, North Carolina 28105. Matthews Menu is located in the neighborhood. Laurie Larsh is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast who has a particular fondness for sunglasses.

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