What Is Georgia Area Code?

Georgia Area Codes

Area codes Selected cities
404 Atlanta
478 Macon
678, 770 Atlanta, Smyrna, Marietta
706 Athens, Augusta

How to find area codes in Georgia?

  • Georgia’s area codes are shown below.
  • Georgia’s area codes are as follows: The following table lists all of the area codes in Georgia.
  • When you click on an area code, a list of the cities within that area code will appear.
  • 229 404 478 678 706 770 912 229 404 478 678 706 770 912 The Area Code Search makes it simple to find area codes.

In the search box below, type in a city and state to get all of the area codes in that particular city.

How to call Georgia phone numbers?

To reach Georgia, dial the following numbers: Exit Country Code + 995 + Area Code + The Number*. Do not use the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols.

When did Georgia change its area code to 706?

The area code 912 was assigned to the city’s southern and central sections in 1954. The state would continue to function with two area codes until May 3, 1992, when the 706 area code was established to serve the two distinct areas outside of the metro Atlanta area (see map).

What area code is 229 in Georgia?

  • The following is a list of area codes: 229 – Albany, Thomasville, Valdosta, Tifton, Fitzgerald, and Americus are among the cities in Georgia (southwest Georgia) 404 – The city of Atlanta and its adjacent surroundings (central Fulton and DeKalb counties) 470 – Atlanta and its suburbs, an overlay area code that covers the same territory as the 404, 678, and 770 478 – Macon, Forsyth, and Fort Benning, Georgia
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What is area code for Atlanta Georgia?

It includes the 404, 470, 678, and 770 area codes, and it is the most populous metropolitan region in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is the state’s most populous metropolitan region, and it encompasses the four area codes of 404, 470, 678, and 770.

What is Georgia phone number?

Georgia’s telephone numbers are shown below (country)

Country calling code +995
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix

What is the new area code for Georgia?

Officials revealed last month that the new area code, 943, will be added to the list of four already in use in the metro Atlanta region. By the second quarter of 2023, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator has declared that the area codes 404, 770, 678, and 470 will have reached the end of their useful life.

What area code is 678?

Among the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area codes for the U.S. state of Georgia in the Atlanta metropolitan region are 678, 470, and 943, which are all located in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

What is Georgia ZIP code?

Zip Code – 300 in Georgia – List of Zip Codes

Zip Code City County
30004 Alpharetta Fulton County
30005 Alpharetta Fulton County
30006 Marietta Cobb County
30007 Marietta Cobb County

What area code is 304?

In the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), area codes 304 and 681 designate telephone exchanges that serve the whole state of West Virginia in the United States of America. When the numbering plan region was formed in October 1947, it was assigned area code 304, which was one of the initial North American area codes (there were 86 in all).

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How do I contact Georgian landline?

How to make use of a landline and a mobile phone in Georgia

  1. There is a fixed line. The telephone area code for Tbilisi is (+995) 32.
  2. Mobile. It is possible to obtain a Georgian SIM card (sometimes even for free) at the locations listed below.
  3. Roaming. It is always better to dial +995 instead of 00995 whether calling a fixed line or a mobile phone in Georgia.

What is the location of Georgia?

Georgia is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States of America. Geographically, Georgia is located north of Florida, bordering Alabama to the west and South Carolina to the northeast. Georgia is located in the geographic center of the country.

State Name Georgia
FIPS # 13

How do I call Georgia from the USA?

For calls to the United States from Georgia, dial: 8 (Wait) 10 – 1 (Area Code) – Land Phone Number 8 (Wait) 10 – 1 (Mobile Number) 8 (Wait) 10 – 1 (Land Phone Number) 8 (Wait) 10 – 1 (Land Phone Number) 8 (Wait) 10 – 1 (Land Phone Number) – 10 Digit Mobile Number

What area code is 703?

Northern Virginia’s 703 area code encompasses the region that is the most congested and closest to the capital, which is one of the reasons that several federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, have headquarters in the region. The majority of these agencies are located in the Arlington County area.

How many area codes are in Georgia?

What is the total number of area codes in Georgia? Georgia has nine different local area codes. Georgia received its first area code — 404 — in 1947, making it the state’s oldest area code. The second area code, which was given to the southern and central regions of Georgia, was established in 1954.

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Where is 770 area code in the United States?

In the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), area code 770 covers all or part of 29 counties in North Georgia, including most of Atlanta’s suburbs. The area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It was established in 1995 as a result of the division of numbering plan area (NPA) 404.

Who is calling from 470?

The Atlanta, Georgia metro region is served by the area code 470. It encompasses the city of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta, as well as a number of smaller towns. It is an overlay for the area codes 770 and 404, and it serves the combined territory of the two codes.

What area code is 612?

You will be able to get into the economy of the state’s largest city if you dial the area code 612. Minneapolis has a population of 413,000 people and spans 58 square miles, according to population estimates. Area code 612 is located in Hennepin County in the middle region of Minnesota and serves the cities of Richfield, Fort Snelling, and St. Anthony, among other places.

Is 470 a Georgia area code?

It is assigned to the Atlanta Metropolitan region in the state of Georgia and has the area code 470. In addition to important cities and hubs such as Atlanta City, Roswell, Duluth, Sandy Springs, East Point, John’s Creek and Alpharetta, area code 770 encompasses a large portion of the region that was previously covered by area codes 770 and 404.

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