What Is The Latitude Of Georgia?

Georgia’s latitude and longitude coordinates Georgia’s latitude is 42.3154° N, which places it in the northern hemisphere, according to the Mercator Sphere. Located in the eastern hemisphere, Georgia is identified by its latitudinal location of 43.3569° E.

What degree latitude is Atlanta on?

Atlanta, Georgia, USA is located at 33.753746 degrees latitude and -84.386330 degrees longitude. Atlanta, Georgia, United States Information about the Lat and Long Coordinates.

Country United States
Latitude 33.753746
Longitude -84.386330
DMS Lat 33° 45′ 13.4856” N
DMS Long 84° 23′ 10.7880” W

What parallel is Atlanta GA?

The 33rd parallel north is located in the United States. – According to Wikipedia.

Is latitude north or south?

The distance between two points on the equator is measured in latitude. Imaginary lines of latitude, commonly referred to as parallels, are imaginary lines that split the globe. However, they do not measure your distance from north to south, but rather from east to west.

What is the latitude and longitude of Atlanta Falcons?

Latitude and longitude coordinates for Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Country United States
Latitude 33.755489
Longitude -84.401993
DMS Lat 33° 45′ 19.7604” N
DMS Long 84° 24′ 7.1748” W

What Cities are the same latitude as Atlanta?

Casablanca, Morocco, is around the same latitude as Atlanta, whereas Miami is approximately the same latitude as Western Sahara. The map below shows the same information on the West Coast. In terms of latitude, Beijing is nearly the same as San Francisco, whereas Tokyo is roughly the same as Los Angeles.

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What is Boston’s latitude?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States Coordinates (longitude and latitude) information Boston, Massachusetts, United States has a latitude of 42.361145 and a longitude of -71.057083.Boston, MA, USA is a location in the Cities place category in the United States of America with the geographic coordinates of 42° 21′ 40.1220″ N and 71° 3′ 25.4988″ W.It is located at the nation level in the United States of America.

Is latitude east and west?

Lines of latitude go north-south, whereas lines of longitude travel east-west, and lines of longitude run North-South. Lines of latitude and lines of longitude are both North-South lines of latitude and longitude. Orientation of latitude lines is East-West, whereas orientation of longitude lines is North-South.

How do you determine latitude?

Make a line on the ground that travels from north to south, using a compass to guide you. Check to see that your quadrant’s aming beam is parallel to this north-south line when it is configured correctly. It is only possible to measure latitude using the sun during midday, when the sun is at its highest position in the sky, and not at any other time.

How do you read latitude and longitude?

If the coordinates of a location are being sketched out, the line of latitude is always drawn first, followed by the line of longitude, and so on. Thus, the geographic coordinates for this site will be: 10°N latitude, 70°W longitude (see map below). According to the coordinates, the line of latitude is located at 41 degrees (41°), 24 minutes (24′), and 12.2 seconds (12.2″) north.

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