What Is The Temperature In Williston North Dakota?

Williston has a chilly semi-arid climate that is bordered by a warm-summer humid continental climate for the rest of the year. Zone 4a of the USDA Hardiness Scale is occupied by it. The typical monthly mean temperature ranges from 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit (11.4 degrees Celsius) in January to 70.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.3 degrees Celsius) in July.

What is the weather like in North Dakota?

The climate of North Dakota is characterized by constant wind throughout the year and wide temperature differences. Extreme cold with temperatures as low as -60°F (-51.1°C) and blizzards are not uncommon in the winter, while high temperatures as high as 121°F (49.4°C) and frequent tornado outbreaks are not uncommon in the summer.

How cold does Williston North Dakota get?

Williston has a pleasant climate and average weather all year.North Dakota is a state in the United States.It is partly overcast all year in Williston, with warm summers and chilly winters.The city has a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters.Throughout the year, the temperature normally ranges from 4°F to 86°F, with temperatures seldom falling below -19°F or rising over 97°F.

What is the best month to visit North Dakota?

When visiting North Dakota, the greatest time to go is between the middle of May and early October, when the state is at its most beautiful. The spring season (March to May) is the most critical season in North Dakota since the weather is extremely unpredictable at this time, with snow storms and even tornadoes occurring on occasion.

How much snow did Williston get?

Climate Averages

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Williston, North Dakota United States
Snowfall 43.8 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 82.8 days 106.2 days
Sunny 207 days 205 days
Avg. July High 84.8° 85.8°

What time of year does it start snowing in North Dakota?

Winter precipitation is dominated by snow from November through March, with rain being the most prevalent kind of precipitation for much of the rest of the year. Every month, with the exception of July and August, has seen snowfall in North Dakota.

What US state is the coldest?

Coldest U.S. States

  1. Alaska. Alaska has the distinction of being the coldest state in the United States. Arctic temperatures average 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit and can drop as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months.
  2. North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, and Wisconsin are among the states represented.

What’s the coldest it’s ever been in North Dakota?

The lowest temperature ever recorded was -60° F in Parshall on February 15, 1936, which was the coldest temperature ever recorded.

Is North Dakota a nice place to live?

North Dakota is a wonderful area to live and raise a family, especially if you have children. It has been regarded as the best state in the country for quality of life. Regardless of where you arrive in North Dakota, you will be met by friendly neighbors and inviting towns no matter where you go.

How long is winter in North Dakota?

The cold season lasts for 3.4 months, from November 24 to March 5, with an average daily high temperature of less than 34°F on average every day. With an average low temperature of 5°F and a high temperature of 23°F, January is the coldest month of the year in Center, Illinois.

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Does it snow a lot in North Dakota?

Throughout the year, the state of North Dakota receives an average of 19 inches of rain. The average annual rainfall in the United States is 38 inches. The state of North Dakota receives an average of 39 inches of snow each year.

What city in North Dakota has the best weather?

Medora, North Dakota, has the nicest weather of any city in the state. Medora, North Dakota, has some of the hottest summers in the state, with temperatures reaching as high as 85 degrees in July and August. During the winter, temperatures don’t go nearly as cold as they do in other parts of the state, with the lowest temperature reaching only 6 degrees.

What part of North Dakota gets the most snow?

North Dakota’s Fargo, which receives an average of 49.3 inches of snow each year, is the town with the greatest annual snowfall total in the United States.

What is the coldest place on Earth?

Oymyakon is the coldest permanently inhabited spot on the planet, and it is located in the Arctic Circle’s Northern Pole of Cold, which is the world’s coldest place. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -67.7°C, which occurred in 1933.

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