What Is The Zip Code For Los Angeles?

All of the zip codes in Los Angeles County, California are listed here. ZIP Code is an abbreviation for the United States Postal Code. Name of the ZIP Code. Population. ZIP Code: 90001. City: Los Angeles. ZIP Code: 57110

What is the ZIP code for Los Angeles County CA?

Zip Codes in the County of Los Angeles, California. Find houses for sale in prominent Los Angeles County CA zip codes, or narrow your search by area, city, or neighborhood to find what you’re looking for. 90895, 91001, 91006-91007, 91011 and 90895.

What is the ZIP code for Downtown Los Angeles?

There is no one present. LIST OF ZIP CODES FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ZIP CODE LIST FOR THE COUNTY OF L.A. Supervisorial District 90012 Civic Center (City of LA)/Chinatown (Cit 90013 Downtown Los Angeles (City of LA) X 90014 Los Angeles (City of LA) X 37 more rows County of Los Angeles ZIP CODE LIST

How do I get the full 9-digit ZIP code for Los Angeles?

To acquire the entire 9-digit (ZIP+4) code, use our zip code lookup by address (or map) function. Interactive map of zip codes in the United States, including Los Angeles (CA).

What is the ZIP code for Westside Los Angeles?

The following zip codes are located on the Westside of Los Angeles: 90024, 90025, 90034, 90035, 90049, 90056, 90064, 90066, 90067, 90073, 90077, 90094, 90210, 90212, 90230, 90232, 90272, 90291, 90292, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405. Zip Codes in the South Los Angeles Area

What zip code is Los Angeles?

Zip Codes 90001 through 90899 are included.

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Zip Code Cities/Communities
90001 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles), Florence-Graham
90002 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles, Watts)
90003 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles)
90004 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Rampart Village, Virgil Village, Wilshire Center, Windsor Square)

How many zip codes are in Los Angeles City?

Los Angeles, California Covers a total of 98 ZIP Codes.

ZIP Code Type County
90001 Standard Los Angeles
90002 Standard Los Angeles
90003 Standard Los Angeles
90004 Standard Los Angeles

What is the zipcode for downtown LA?

Postal Zip Codes in Los Angeles County Organized by Community

City/Community Zip Code(s)
Downtown Central (Los Angeles) 90012, 90013
Downtown City West (Los Angeles) 90017
Downtown Civic Center (Los Angeles) 90012
Downtown Civic Center (PO Boxes) (Los Angeles) 90053

What is the zip code of California?

Are you looking for a list of California cities, counties, or zip codes?

Rank Zip Code Population
1 90011 111,165
2 91331 105,458
3 90650 105,304
4 90201 101,965

What is LA in USA?

Louisiana is bordered on the west by the state of Texas, on the north by the state of Arkansas, on the east by the state of Mississippi, and on the south by the Gulf of Mexico.

Total 52,069.13 sq mi (135,382 km2)
Land 43,601 sq mi (112,927 km2)
Water 8,283 sq mi (21,455 km2) 15%
Area rank 31st

What are Southern California zip codes?

Zip Code – 902 in California Zip Code – 902 in the United States

Zip Code City County
90278 Redondo Beach Los Angeles County
90280 South Gate Los Angeles County
90290 Topanga Los Angeles County
90291 Playa Del Rey Los Angeles County
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What counties make up Los Angeles?

These five counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura) are comprised of four metropolitan areas: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino (Riverside and San Bernardino are combined into one area).

What cities make up Los Angeles?

Listed below is the current population breakdown of the Greater Los Angeles Area region:

  • Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Lucerne Valley, Pasadena, Newport Beach, and West Hollywood are just a few of the cities that make up the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Where can I find ZIP codes from Los Angeles?

  • Database of ZIP Codes Get all of the United States’ ZIP Codes and their associated information in one convenient database.
  • ZIP+4 ZIP Code Database (ZIP+4 ZIP Code Database) With coverage of every address in the United States, you may receive the+4 information you want.
  • Postal Codes in Canada: A Database Get all of Canada’s postal codes, as well as their associated information, in one convenient database.

What zip codes does Los Angeles include?

What zip codes are included in the city of Los Angeles? The following were the top 10 zip codes in Los Angeles: The zip codes include 90210 (Beverly Hills), 90077 (Bel Air), 90272 (Pacific Palisades), 90049 (Brentwood), 90291 (Venice), 91436 (Encino), 90036 (Fairfax and Miracle Mile districts), 90027 (Los Feliz), 90069 (Norma Triangle and Hollywood) and 91436 (Encino).

How many ZIP codes does Los Angeles have?

90024: Los Angeles: Los Angeles: Standard ZIP Code 90025: Los Angeles, California, United States ZIP Code 90026: Los Angeles, California, United States ZIP Code 90027: Los Angeles, California, United States ZIP Code 90028: Los Angeles, California, United States ZIP Code 90030: Los Angeles, California, United States ZIP Code 90031 Los Angeles, California, United States

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