When Does Worlds Of Fun Open In Kansas City 2021?

Notice Regarding Privacy Worlds of Fun said on Wednesday that it would kick off the 2021 season on May 22 by welcoming members of the general public for the first time. In addition, the amusement park announced that the Oceans of Fun waterpark would open up the following weekend, on May 29.

When does worlds of fun 2022 open?

The opening day for Worlds of Fun is set for Saturday, April 30, 2022!At the theme park in Kansas City, you should be ready for another season of fun with all of your favorite rides in addition to lots of new attractions.On MAMBA®, the high-speed excitement has been given a fresh appearance, and visitors are going to have a great time when they blast off on the newly refinished Detonator ride!

When do worlds of fun and Oceans of fun open?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are prepared to bring joy and excitement back to the summer season. The theme park intends to start for business on May 22. The water park will start accepting guests on May 29. Before you go to the theme parks, there are a few things you need to be aware of that have changed.

What’s new at Worlds of fun 2021?

All visitors and ambassadors will continue to be subject to the enhanced safety standards that are already in place. You may arrange your day around reconnecting with fun by looking at the current 2021 Worlds of Fun hours and dates, which are shown below. As a friendly reminder, we will continue to respect all 2020 Season Passes and add-on goods through the end of 2021.

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What’s new at oceans of fun Kansas City?

In Kansas City, the Oceans of Fun waterpark will open for for another amazing season with a brand-new record-breaking ride called Riptide Raceway. Join us to ride the world’s longest mat racer and be one of the first to do it!

Is Oceans of Fun in Kansas City Open?

Oceans of Fun is open for the summer season beginning in late May and lasting until September. The daily operation hours of both parks are subject to change; for more information, please visit worldsoffun.com or contact 816-454-4545.

How much is Oceans of Fun tickets?

Ticket for Two Days, Valid Any Day! Terms and Conditions

Gate price Qty
General Admission (ages 3+) $32.50 PER DAY tax included $141.35 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Is Worlds of Fun doing WinterFest this year?

The WinterFest festival will not take place again this year. Cancelling the event was a challenging choice in terms of business, but doing so enables us to concentrate on making new investments and improvements to the park.

What happened at Worlds of Fun?

After an incident that occurred at Worlds of Fun, some Kansas City parents are wondering if it is still safe to bring their children to the amusement park.A group of females, characterized by the victims’ parents as a gang, attacked two cousins when they were 12 years old.Their mothers are crying out for fairness.

  1. They predicted that the girls who had attacked their daughters would do so again in the future.

When did Worlds of Fun in Kansas City Missouri Open?

Worlds of Fun was initially conceived of by its founder, Lamar Hunt, in 1973 as Kansas City’s Family Fun Adventure. It became a theme park far faster than any other amusement park in the Midwestern United States could have!

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What is the oldest ride at Worlds of Fun?

Henrietta: In the movie ″Around the World in Eighty Days,″ as you entered the park, you had to walk over the Henrietta, which was supposed to represent the beginning of your journey and journey around the world. Showboat’s Cotton Blossom, a sternwheel riverboat, was on display in Americana. The film was based on the same name.

Is Worlds of Fun owned by Six Flags?

According to recent reports, Cedar Fair LP, the company that owns Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, is the target of an acquisition attempt by a larger amusement park rival. That company’s name is Six Flags Entertainment Corp.

Where did 6 Flags get its name?

When Six Flags Over Texas first opened its gates to the public in 1961, throngs of people went there. The park got its name from the fact that it was divided into six themed areas, each of which was based on the culture of one of the countries whose flag flew over Texas at some point in the state’s colorful history. Guests were treated to a stunning and enchanted environment.

Will there be a WinterFest at Worlds of Fun 2021?

ParkFans Network shares the news that Worlds of Fun will not host WinterFest in 2021.

Does Worlds of Fun do anything for Christmas?

The WinterFest celebration at Worlds of Fun is the consummate expression of all the customs associated with the winter holidays! There is an abundance of activities to do at the park, including ice skating, taking photographs with Santa, making cookies, indulging in holiday foods, and more lights than you could ever imagine.

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