When Should I Turn On My Sprinkler System In Colorado?

While it may be tempting to turn on your water during warm spells, we urge that you wait until until April 15th to help prevent freezing damage.

Typically, the optimal time to turn on your sprinkler system is between the middle of April and the middle of May, depending on your climate. Is it necessary to water my grass in Colorado during the winter? From November to April, water once to twice a month on a regular basis. Select a mild winter day with air temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit and soil that is not frozen.

When should I start my sprinklers in Colorado?

Refraining from turning on your system until after the last freeze, which is normally around May 5. While leaks or breaches can occur on exposed pipelines and backflow devices above ground, damage can also occur below ground due to a variety of factors. When temperatures fall below 30 degrees, standing water in the pipes can freeze and expand, causing the pipe to split and burst.

When should I start watering my lawn in Colorado?

For the greater Colorado Springs area, here are some lawn watering guidelines:

Season Month Notes/Weekly Watering Requirements
Spring March, April, May 1” per week recommended
Summer June, July, August, Early September 1 ½” per week recommended
Early Fall Mid-September, October 1” per week recommended

What month do you turn on sprinklers?

It is once again time to turn on your lawn sprinkler system as the spring season approaches. Of course, the optimal time to start your lawn and garden irrigation system in the spring is dependent on the weather and changes from year to year, but anytime from the end of March to the beginning of May might be the greatest time to get your system up and running.

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When should I have my sprinklers blown out in Colorado?

In Colorado, October is referred to be ″blowout season,″ which means it is time for you to drain the water from your pipes. The procedure of blowing out your sprinkler system isn’t difficult, but it does need some forward planning before you begin.

What temperature should I turn on my sprinklers?

It is vital to note that temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below might cause your sprinkler system to freeze, so keep this in mind when re-establishing your lawn’s lush green appearance.

When should I turn on my sprinkler system after winter?

As a general rule, the system should not be turned on until the threat of frost has gone, unless absolutely necessary. If you are an early planter, we recommend that you wait until after April 15 to open your irrigation system.

How long and how often should I water my lawn in Colorado?

During the majority of the summer, two days of watering each week should be plenty. During instances of excessive heat or dryness, water for a third day if necessary. During the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., water trees and shrubs as needed, but avoid doing so during the day. Shrubs and perennials require half the amount of water that lawns do.

When should I start watering my lawn in Denver?

Watering your grass first thing in the morning is, without a doubt, the greatest time to do it. During the day, temperatures are the coldest, and the water will not be promptly evaporated or rest on the blades for an extended period of time at night, resulting in the development of various fungal diseases.

How long should I run my sprinklers?

Sprinklers should be programmed to run for 30 to 35 minutes at a time, twice a week, to ensure proper irrigation. Your grass should receive at least 1 inch of water every week, if not more. When it’s hot and dry, increase the watering times by two or three times while still attempting to water just two or three days each week.

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When should I turn on my sprinkler system in the spring?

Keep an eye on the weather and wait until temperatures regularly remain above freezing throughout the night to protect your irrigation investment. Typically, the optimal time to turn on your sprinkler system is between the middle of April and the middle of May, depending on your climate.

Is it too early to winterize sprinkler system?

The weather has a lot to do with when you should winterize your irrigation system. The greatest time to visit is around the midst of autumn, between October 1st and Thanksgiving. You’ll want to get it winterized before the first hard frost of the season hits the area.

When should I winterize my sprinklers in Denver?

In Colorado, it is critical to winterize your sprinkler system during the month of October to avoid damage to your lawn. At the end of September, some early birds will hibernate for the winter. That will not cause any harm, although it may need some manual watering on your part.

When should I stop watering my lawn in Colorado?

″Lawn irrigation is generally discontinued in the early fall,″ says Tony Koski, a Turf Specialist at Colorado State University, when it comes to watering lawns in the fall. Traditional understanding is that when ET (evapo-transpiration) rates are low and the grass isn’t growing much, it is acceptable to reduce or eliminate watering.

When can I Turn On my sprinkler system in Denver?

The average date of the last freeze in Denver is May 4, according to weather.com. There is still more than a month left in which we might experience temperatures at or below 32 degrees. You should wait until Mother’s Day, on May 9, before turning on your sprinkler system to be on the safe side and prevent expensive repairs.

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Is it too early to turn on my sprinkler system?

The Problem Solvers have been told by Aurora Water that now is not the time. In York’s opinion, the most serious danger is that you switch on your irrigation system too early, causing it to freeze and ruin your backflow prevention device. It is only found on properties that have a sprinkler system installed that the backflow prevention device may be located.

When is the best time to start watering my lawn?

I realize that dragging the hose around is difficult, but start watering in late April or early May to avoid wasting water. Because we tend to have temperatures below 32 degrees in the month of April, once your system is turned on, there is still a tiny danger that we may freeze in May if the weather continues to be cold.

How often does the temperature drop below freezing in Colorado?

Temperatures have dropped below freezing in Colorado as late as June, according to my observations. Of course, that is an incredibly unusual occurrence. Colorado, on the other hand, is not uncommon for temperatures to dip below freezing over night during the months of April and, on occasion, early May. Simply said, this is all it takes to cause some rather pricey repairs to your vehicle.

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