Where Is Amelia Island Florida Located?

  • Amelia Island is Florida’s northernmost island, and it is located near the Florida-Georgia boundary on the Atlantic Ocean’s Atlantic coast.
  • It is also the southernmost island in a line of barrier islands known as the Sea Islands, which stretches from Florida to South Carolina’s Murphy Island and is the southernmost island in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Fernandina Beach is the island’s major city and is located inside Nassau County.

Amelia Island is the northernmost barrier island on Florida’s Atlantic coast, and it is the state’s most populous. By driving, the island is about 15 miles east of Interstate 95, exit 373, and can be reached in under 30 minutes. In addition to ground travel, visitors can fly to Amelia Island via the Jacksonville International Airport, which is located 30 minutes south of the island.

Where is Amelio island located in Florida?

On the east coast of the United States, from South Carolina to Florida, Amelia Island, located in Nassau County, is the southernmost of the Sea Islands, a series of barrier islands that stretches from South Carolina to Florida. It is roughly 4 miles (6.4 km) broad at its widest point and 13 miles (21 km) long at its longest point.

Why is Amelia Island so popular?

Amelia Island is a famous tourist destination because of its beaches, fresh wind, lush flora, and diverse fauna. Amelia Island is a component of the Sea Islands, which are located off the Atlantic coast of the United States’ southeastern area. Amelia Island, which is located at the southernmost extremity of the chain of islands, is regarded to be inside the state of Florida’s boundaries.

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What city is close to Amelia Island?

Drivers may travel from this location easily and quickly during non-rush hour traffic to Jacksonville, Florida, which is the next significant city. To get to Callahan/Fernandina Beach from Jacksonville, use any route to I-95 N and drive approximately 20 miles until you reach Exit 373 for FL-200/FL-A1A, which will take you to Callahan/Fernandina Beach.

What side of Florida is Amelia Island on?

If you’re searching for a peaceful retreat, have a look at Amelia Island, which is located off the northeast coast of Florida. Amelia Island, which is only 30 miles from Jacksonville, is a world different. Sands of a golden tint and guided horseback excursions around the shoreline.

What is Amelia Island famous for?

Amelia Island, often known as the ‘Isle of Eight Flags,’ is renowned for its pristine beaches and clean water, as well as its natural wildlife and world-class resort hotels, spas, golf courses, and restaurants. Amelia Island is a popular tourist destination in Florida.

Is Amelia Island near Miami?

A 345-mile drive separates Miami Beach and Amelia Island from one another.

Is Amelia Island a real island?

On the Atlantic coast of Florida, Amelia Island is a barrier island that is part of the Sea Islands chain that spans from South Carolina to Florida. It is the southernmost of the Sea Islands and the northernmost of Florida’s barrier islands, both of which are located on Florida’s East Coast.

Do I need a car in Amelia Island?

When visiting Amelia Island, you won’t need a car because the island is well-served by Segways, horses, bicycles, and even golf carts to get around. On Amelia Island, a barrier island that is barely a quarter-mile broad in some areas and no more than three miles wide in others, walking on your own two feet is always a great choice because of the narrowness of the island.

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What is the difference between Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach?

Is there a difference between Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island? In fact, the city of Fernandina Beach is known as Amelia Island, and it is the entire island that is known as Amelia Island. Even though the majority of people believe them to be the same thing, Fernandina Beach may refer solely to the Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach region in rare instances.

What is the population of Amelia Island?

  • What is the population of the island of Amelia?
  • Amelia Island has a total population of 38,189 people, with a median age of 53.8 years.
  • Males account for 49.45 percent of the total, with females accounting for 50.55 percent.
  • Residents of Amelia Island who were born in the United States account for 90.42 percent of the population, with non-citizens of the United States accounting for 7.17 percent.

Can you swim at Amelia Island?

Amelia Island, the southernmost of the Sea Islands, located off the upper northeast coast of Florida, features 13 miles of beautiful beaches where visitors may enjoy swimming, fishing, surfing, kite flying, and a variety of other water activities.

What is the best month to visit Amelia Island?

Amelia Island is a beautiful destination to visit at any time of year. Even throughout the winter months, typical high temperatures remain in the mid-60s, making it ideal for spending time outside. Spring, summer, and fall are the greatest seasons to visit the beach since the temperatures are consistently over 70 degrees.

Are the beaches pretty in Amelia Island?

Its coasts have long been a source of natural beauty, with natural Appalachian quartz beaches and sand dunes rising to heights of up to 40 feet around the island’s coastline.

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Are cars allowed on Amelia Island?

Automobiles are authorized in Burney Beach Park, Scott Road, and Peter’s Point, and driving on the beach is permitted with a permission in these areas. Residents from outside the county must get a permission in order to drive or park on the beach. If you live in Nassau County, you are not obliged to obtain a permission.

Is Amelia Island a private beach?

In all, there are more than 40 public beach access spots on Amelia Island, many of which are without parking or facilities. These are the greatest entry points for strolling to the beach from your holiday rental property. Some entrance sites do have restricted parking (often less than 10 parking spaces), and we’ve listed these in the section below as well.

How far is Disney from Amelia Island?

A total of 153 kilometers separates Amelia Island from Walt Disney World Resort. 187.6 miles separate the two points on the route.

Does Amelia Island have clear water?

Fernandina Beach is located on the island of Amelia, which lies on the northern boundary of Florida with Georgia. In addition to the island’s 13 miles of lovely soft white sand beaches, an abundance of wildlife and tranquil, crystal-clear seas, the city of Fernandina Beach has a nice selection of restaurants, golf courses, and retail opportunities.

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