Where Is Aventura Florida?

Located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States, Aventura is a planned suburban community that serves as a satellite community for the larger Miami metropolitan region.It is 17 miles north of the city of Miami.The city is particularly well-known for Aventura Mall, which is the largest mall in Florida and the 5th largest mall in the United States in terms of total square feet of retail space, according to the National Mall Directory.

How big is the city of Aventura?

The city of Aventura covers an area of approximately 3.5 square miles, with 2.7 square miles of land and 0.8 square miles (23.08 percent) of water, according to the United States Census Bureau. In Aventura, the climate is classified as tropical monsoon, which indicates that the summers are extremely hot and humid, while the winters are quite short and warm.

Is Aventura Florida wealthy?

In 2018, the per capita income in Aventura was $55,896, which is high compared to the rest of Florida and the rest of the US. For a family of four, this translates into an annual income of $223,584 dollars. Aventura, on the other hand, is home to both extremely affluent and impoverished individuals. Aventura is a city with a remarkably diversified ethnic population.

Is Aventura considered Miami?

There are 34 municipalities in Miami-Dade County, including: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, Biscayne Park, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Doral, El Portal, Florida City, Golden Beach, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Indian Creek, Key Biscayne, Medley, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, and Weston. The county seat is Miami.

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Is Aventura FL a nice place to live?

Aventura is located in Miami-Dade County and is considered to be one of the most desirable areas to reside in Florida.Living in Aventura provides inhabitants with a dense metropolitan vibe, and the majority of residents are homeowners.There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to choose from in Aventura.A large number of seniors live in Aventura, and the majority of the people are liberal.

What is Aventura Florida known for?

An urban oasis of sleek high-rises and opulent single-family homes, Aventura is located 12 miles north of Miami and 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale, smack dab in the midst of the metropolitan South Florida landscape. One of the city’s most notable attractions is the Aventura Mall, which is the third-largest shopping complex in all of the United States.

Is Aventura expensive?

In accordance with C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Aventura is assessed to be 115.5 percent more than the national average, making it one of the most expensive cities in the United States of American.

Who built Aventura FL?

Donald Soffer
Education B.A. Brandeis University
Occupation Businessman, investor, philanthropist
Known for Development of Aventura, Florida
Spouse(s) 5, currently Michele King

What nationality is Aventura?

Aventura is a bachata ensemble from the Bronx, New York, that was created in 2007. They are widely considered as one of the most important Latin ensembles of all time, thanks to a roster that includes Romeo Santos, Henry Santos, Lenny Santos (Len Melody), and Max Santos (Max Agende), among others.

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How far is Aventura Florida from the beach?

The distance between Aventura and Miami Beach is approximately 12 miles.

What happened to Aventura?

The band officially disbanded in 2011.Anthony and Henry went on to pursue solo careers, while Lenny and Max Santos joined up with Steve Styles from the bachata group Xtreme to establish a new band, dubbed ‘Grupo Vena.’ Anthony and Henry went on to pursue solo careers of their own.Aventura performed a series of shows at the United Palace Theater in New York City throughout the month of February as part of their reunion tour.

What towns are near Aventura FL?

  1. Cities in the vicinity of Aventura, Florida include Ojus, FL
  2. And Ojus, FL.
  3. The city of Hallandale Beach, Florida
  4. Located at North Miami Beach, Florida.
  5. Ives Estates, Florida
  6. Hollywood, Florida (FL)
  7. Norland, Florida
  8. The city of Golden Glades, Florida
  9. Miami-Dade County, Florida

Is Aventura a good area?

Aventura is a great neighborhood that is very laidback and has some of the most amazing individuals you could ever want to encounter. On top of that, there are other excellent businesses in the area, which has been steadily expanding over the years, with the Aventura mall serving as one of the primary attractions. Aventura is a lovely neighborhood to go around in.

Is Aventura Beach Safe?

In Aventura, the likelihood of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in every thirty-one. According to FBI crime statistics, Aventura is not one of the safest towns in the United States. In comparison to other Florida cities and towns of all sizes, Aventura has a crime rate that is greater than 82 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes combined.

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What is the meaning of Aventura?

Adventure (plural aventuras) is a noun that means ″adventure″ (that which happens without design)

Is Aventura still together?

An Aventura reunion was announced in 2020, following a three-year sabbatical, and the band embarked on their Inmortal tour, which was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. The group subsequently announced that the tour will come to a close on August 14th in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, with Santos referring to it as their ″last and last″ gig on the road.

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