Where Is Effingham Illinois?

Located in Effingham County in the state of Illinois in the United States, the city of Effingham serves as the county seat. It may be found in the south central part of Illinois. At the time of the census in 2020, there were 12,252 people living there.

What is the population of Effingham Illinois?

The county of Effingham may be found in the middle of the south-central region of the state of Illinois, in the United States. There were 34,242 people living there at the time of the census in 2010. Effingham is both the county’s administrative center and its major city.

Where is Effingham County government located?

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  • The county seat of Effingham County may be found in the middle of Illinois, around 75 miles south-east of Springfield, which serves as the capital of Illinois.
  1. The city of Effingham serves as the administrative center of Effingham County.

Where are the best places to shop in Effingham IL?

  • The Country’s Best Peddlers 12.
  • The Midway (the ship) 13.
  • Evergreen Mini Golf 14.
  1. Village Wine & Gifts 15.
  2. Fresh Digs Heffy’s Bar 16.
  3. The Workman Sports and Wellness Complex 17.
  4. 18.
  5. Artisan Depot 19.
  6. Effingham should be Floated.

The Whistling Kettle Tea Shoppe came in at number 20.21.My Garage, an Automotive Museum and Retail Outlet 22.

Lifeline Christian Book and Gifts (Lifeline) 23.Lucky Luciano’s Smoke Shop The Smoking Irishman, number 24

What is Effingham IL known for?

The town of Effingham is often referred to as the ″Crossroads of Opportunity.″ In this town located in central Illinois, there is an abundance of chances for having a good time. The town is home to several intriguing museums, some gorgeous leisure sites, and some distinctive art attractions.

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Is Effingham Illinois a good place to live?

Effingham, Illinois is an excellent location for settling down with a family since the neighborhood as a whole is relatively secure. Both public and private high schools provide students an excellent opportunity for future success. There is a strong connection between the local churches and the community. There were a lot of Catholic and Christian families that decided to live here.

What towns are in Effingham?

  1. Nearby cities in Illinois include Effingham, Mattoon, and
  2. Illinois, Charleston
  3. Taylorville, IL
  4. Centralia, IL
  5. Decatur (Illinois)
  6. Mount Vernon, IL
  7. Vincennes, IN
  8. Terre Haute, IN

How do you pronounce Effingham?

Effingham can be broken down into the following sounds: + + – repeat it aloud while emphasizing the sounds in order to perfect your ability to create them on command.

What county is Effingham Illinois?

In the U.S. state of Illinois, Effingham is the name of a city located in Effingham County. At the time of the census in 2000, there were 12,384 people living there. It serves as the administrative center of Effingham County.

How big is Lake Sara Effingham?

Lake Sara is situated in Effingham County, Illinois, around 5 miles to the southwest of Effingham, Illinois. Lake Sara is described as having a surface area of 614 acres, a maximum depth of 47 feet, and an average depth of 19 feet. It was created in 1957. The lake has a watershed that is 7,560 acres and a shoreline that is 38 kilometers long.

Is Effingham safe?

  • In Effingham, one in every 35 people will become a victim of either a violent or property crime over their lifetime.
  • According to the statistics provided by the FBI, Effingham is not one of the safest localities in the United States.
  • Effingham has a higher percentage of violent crime and overall criminal activity compared to Illinois than 90 percent of the state’s other cities and municipalities of any size.

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