Where Is Seneca Illinois?

  1. In the U.S.
  2. state of Illinois, the community of Seneca may be found in both LaSalle and Grundy counties.
  3. At the time of the census in 2010, there were 2,371 people living there.

The section of Seneca that is located in LaSalle County is considered to be a component of the Ottawa Micropolitan Statistical Area, while the little section of Seneca that is found in Grundy County is considered to be a part of the Chicago, Naperville, and Joliet Metropolitan Statistical Area.

What is the population of Seneca Illinois?

  1. At the time of the census in 2010, there were 2,371 people living there.
  2. A tiny piece of Seneca can be found in Grundy County and is included in the Chicago–Naperville–Joliet Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the rest of the town can be found in LaSalle County and is included in the Ottawa–Streator Micropolitan Statistical Area.
  3. A nuclear power facility known as the LaSalle County Generating Station may be found in the town of Seneca.

How far is Seneca from Chicago?

Our Village can be reached from the heart of Chicago in about an hour, and it is just a few minutes away from Interstate 80 and a short distance from Interstate 39. Seneca is a river community that offers a variety of attractions to its residents. The historic Illinois and Michigan Canal runs right through the middle of our city’s central business district.

How did Seneca Village get its name?

  1. One other hypothesis is that Seneca Village got its name from the country of Senegal, which is located in western Africa and may have been the place of birth for some of the people who currently live in the community.
  2. In addition, the term may have originated from its usage as a code word on the Underground Railroad, which occurred during the time when runaway slaves from the southern part of the United States were secreted in the surrounding territories.
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Is Seneca IL a good place to live?

Seneca Reviews The town of Seneca is the kind of place where figuratively everyone knows your name. It has a very well-funded public school system, which assures that those who seek it out will receive an excellent education. Even though the town does not have a lot of businesses or exciting things going on, the community is strong and the people are welcoming.

What county is Seneca IL 61360 in?

Zip Code 61360 Profile Data

Official Zip Code Name Seneca
Primary County: LaSalle
Secondary County: Grundy
Area Code 779 / 815
Current Population: 3393

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