Which State Is Larger In Size Delaware Or Vermont?

Delaware is a larger state in terms of area.

What is the land area of Vermont by area?

Vermont is the sixth-smallest state in terms of overall size (24,923 km2), but it is the eighth-smallest in terms of land area, with a total land area of 23,957 km2. Its water area is around 989 km2, making it the 46th largest state in terms of water area.

What is the largest state in the US by size?

The ten largest states in the United States are depicted on this map.Despite the fact that Alaska was one of the two last states to be admitted into the Union, it is by far the largest state in the United States in terms of both population and land area.It has an estimated total size of 1.7 million km2, which is approximately 17 percent of the entire area of the United States.Alaska’s land size exceeds the total land area of the next three biggest states combined.

How are the US states ranked from smallest to largest?

It is possible to rank these states in order from smallest to biggest based on their total land or water area as well as their total land or water area.Despite the fact that a state may have a bigger overall area, its land area may be significantly lower due to the fact that it has extensive territorial seas.As a result, the ranking of the states is determined by the measures that are utilized.The following is a list of the states in the United States ranked by total land area.

Is Wyoming bigger than Oregon?

Even though Wyoming is the tenth-largest state in terms of total surface area (253 600 km 2), it is the state with the second-largest land area (251,470 km 2), behind only Oregon. However, with a total water area of 2,130 km2, it is the 37th biggest water area in the country.

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Is Delaware smaller than Vermont?

Delaware is the second-smallest state in the USA, with a total land area of 5,130 km2 (of which 5,047 km2 is land). It is also the second-smallest in population. The ten smallest states are shown below.

Rank State Total Area (km2)
6 Vermont 24,923
7 Massachusetts 27,337
8 Hawaii 28,311
9 Maryland 32,133

How big is Delaware?

Delaware is 96 miles (154 km) long and varies in width from 9 miles (14 km) to 35 miles (56 km), with a total land area of 1,982 square miles (5,130 km2), making it the second-smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island. Its capital is Wilmington, which has a population of 190,000 people.

Is Delaware smaller than Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has the distinction of being the smallest state. The next smallest state in terms of land area is Delaware, which has a land area of 2,489 square miles, followed by Connecticut, which has a land area of 5,543 square miles, which is more than three times the size of Rhode Island and more than twice the size of Delaware and is more than three times the size of Rhode Island.

Which state has the larger area Delaware or Hawaii?

States are ranked according to their area in square miles.

State Square Miles (Land Area)
47 Hawaii 6,423
48 Connecticut 4,845
49 Delaware 1,955
50 Rhode Island 1,034

How big is Vermont compared to states?

Compared to other states, Vermont is approximately one-quarter the size of South Korea or Iceland. Vermont has a land area of 24,905 km2 (9,616 sq mi), ranking it as the 45th biggest state. Vermont is around the size of New Jersey when compared to other US states, yet it would fit into Texas 28 times if it were stretched out.

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How big is Delaware compared to Florida?

Delaware is approximately 28 times smaller in area than the state of Florida. Florida has an approximate land area of 139,670 square kilometers, whereas Delaware has an approximate land area of 5,060 square kilometers, making Delaware 3.62 percent the size of Florida. Meanwhile, the state of Florida has a population of 18.8 million people (17.9 million fewer people live in Delaware).

What’s Delaware famous for?

  1. Delaware is notable for the following things: historical landmarks
  2. Manufacturing of chemicals
  3. Because it is a tax-free state
  4. The Constitution was ratified by the state that was the first to do so.
  5. A large number of businesses have been established in the state

What is the largest U.S. state by size?

US State Flags:

No. State sq mi
1 Alaska 665,384
6 Arizona 113,990
29 Arkansas 53,178
3 California 163,695

What country is the same size as Delaware?

Nonetheless, you could put 1,117 Delawares – or plagues the size of Delawares – within Argentina’s 2.8 million square kilometers of land.

What is the widest state?

Hawaii is the most expansive state in the United States, stretching 1,500 miles from the island of Niihau to the island of Hawaii from east to west.

What is the second largest state in the US?

Texas is the second most populous and second most populous state in the United States, both in terms of land area and population. In the south central portion of the country, it shares a border with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico on its southern border.

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How many states can fit in California?

California is a land unto itself, restricted by the boundaries of 49 other states. To equal the population of California, how many of the smallest states in the United States would be required?

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