FAQ: where to buy kpop albums in los angeles?

What stores sell Kpop albums?

In the US, Target and Walmart now stock K-pop albums from big groups (BTS, Blackpink, etc) and in the UK most big supermarkets (Tesco, ASDA) and some music retailers (HMV) also stock K-pop.

Where can I buy kpop merch in Los Angeles?

Best Kpop Merchandise in Los Angeles, CA

  • K-Pop Music Town. 0.7 mi. 37 reviews. Music & DVDs.
  • Music Plaza. 0.9 mi. 181 reviews. $$ Music & DVDs.
  • Choice Music. 1.0 mi. 197 reviews. $$ Music & DVDs.
  • K-Pop Music Town. 23.2 mi. 49 reviews.
  • KPOP Republic. 22.5 mi. 26 reviews.
  • Mauya Island. 7.8 mi. 25 reviews.
  • KPOP Station. 26.9 mi. 10 reviews.
  • K-PoP Music Town. 0.7 mi. Music & DVDs.

Where is the best place to buy Kpop albums?

Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online

  • Amazon.
  • Kpopmart.
  • Yesasia.
  • Etsy.
  • Catchopcd.
  • Ktown4u.
  • Kpoptown.
  • Mwave.

Does Walmart sell Kpop albums?

They also sell albums from Infinite, Girl’s Day, Super Junior, and the Kpop Drama Ost Hit Collection 1. You can either have them send it to your house or you can pick it up at your local Walmart!

Are there BTS albums in Walmart?

BTS – BE (Deluxe Edition) – CDWalmart.com – Walmart.com.

Where can I buy legit BTS albums?

Where to buy BTS Albums & Official Merch

  • KPOPTOWN This one seems to be the site most people go to and the sales do go to the Hanteo charts.
  • KPOPPLUS I personally like this website as they give free goodies (unofficial photocards) along with each purchase.
  • Kpop Mart Another well known site.
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Is ktown4u safe?

Reliable, trustworthy, fast

I shop from ktown4u pretty often, they have the best customer service with quick response time even when processing my orders and refund requests.

Is Kpopmart a good site?

Yep, it’s legit. Hanteo has a list of their top certified sellers of the year and it has a “gold” ranking (up there with a lot of other big stores like ktown4u and Weverse). I can’t personally speak on their shipping speed but if you select a shipping method you know, it should be just as fast as any other site.

How long does music plaza take to deliver?

2 weeks(Time can vary). You will be notified of your special order or backorder status within 30 days of your inquiry. (We will send you an update via email.) Music Plaza uses the latest technology to protect your credit card information.

How do I get free BTS albums?

k2nblog is a site built by fangirls for fangirls who fangirls a lot in their fandom and everything inside k2nblog is for free. Name your fandom and you’ll find the great stuffs there like Albums, Singles, DVD copies, and more. We should all thank that this site is not yet expiring or not taken down yet.

Are Kpop albums cheaper in Korea?

No, they are typically much cheaper. I own all of BTS’s discography and live in the USA. I’ve bought many k-pop albums in/from Korea, because of the price difference. Just to give you an idea, their latest release, Map of the Soul: 7 costs 19,400 won through their Korean online store.

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Does Target sell Kpop albums?

Both senior and rookie idols will be seeing their albums in the online and physical stores of Target. They will offer albums ranging from a variety of groups such as EXO, NCT, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Stray Kids, LOONA, TWICE, IZ*ONE, Dreamcatcher, Day6, ITZY, EVERGLOW, and more.

Does Best Buy sell BTS albums?

Best of BTS [Korea Edition] [CD] – Best Buy.

Does hot topic sell BTS?

OFFICIAL BTS Shirts & Merchandise | Hot Topic.

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