How Deep Is The White River In Indiana?

*The current level is 5.08 feet. *The depth is measured once a day at midnight.

How long is the White River in Indiana?

The White River is the most significant of the rivers that flow into the Wabash in Indiana, and it is a two-forked river that runs through the state’s center and southern regions. According to the United States Board on Geographic Names, the length of the White River as measured from its west fork, which is regarded to be the river’s main stem, is 362 miles (583 kilometers).

What is the name of the river in Indiana?

Search. The White River’s West Fork as it flows through Fishers. In the town of Anderson, the West Fork of the White River. The White River is the most significant of the rivers that flow into the Wabash in Indiana, and it is a two-forked river that runs through the state’s center and southern regions.

Where does the White River start and end?

White River, also known as West Fork White River, is a river that runs through the middle and southern parts of Indiana, in the United States.It has its source in Randolph County, which is located in the east-central section of the state, and it runs for around 65 miles past Muncie and Anderson in a general westward direction (105 km).It then makes a sharp turn to the southwest, passing northeast of Indianapolis on its way.

Where is the West Fork of the White River in Indiana?

West Fork.Before it meets up with the east branch in the trio of Daviess, Knox, and Pike counties, the river weaves its way through the cities of Muncie, Anderson, and Indianapolis.Along the trip, it travels past three different state parks in the state of Indiana: Mounds State Park, which is located close to Anderson; White River State Park, which is located in the middle of Indianapolis; and McCormick’s Creek State Park, which is located close to Spencer.

What is the deepest river in Indiana?

Deep River is a river that begins in Lake County in the northern part of Indiana in the United States and travels northeasterly for a total distance of 29.5 miles (47.5 km) until it meets the Little Calumet River. Deep River (Indiana)

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Deep River
coordinates 41°25′25″N 087°19′09″W
elevation 675 ft (206 m)
Mouth Confluence of Deep River with Little Calumet River
location Lake County, Indiana

What is the deepest part of the White River?

The river drops more than 25 feet (or 8 meters) each mile as it travels through its upper course. The White River is deeply embedded in a series of tiny gorges as it winds between the Boston Mountains and the Ozark Plateau in the southern part of Missouri; the majority of its middle course is a valley that is deeper than 150 meters (500 feet).

Can you swim in the White River Indiana?

Canoeing and kayaking are popular ways for visitors to enjoy the White River today, despite the fact that the river is no longer considered a bathing destination. In the event that you lose your balance and go for an unplanned swim, make every effort to prevent water from going into your eyes and mouth, and be sure to give yourself a thorough washing afterwards.

Is White River Dirty?

The White River is located in central Indiana and winds through six key counties. The river gets pollutants from 1.7 million acres of land from direct point source runoff pollution as well as indirect non-point source runoff pollution. The varied types of land use that occur throughout this watershed contribute to the numerous pollution hazards that occur along the River.

How fast is the White River?

The water level can increase by up to one generator at a speed of around 1.75 to 2.0 miles per hour. Depending on the number of generators, the approximate speed is between 2.25 and 2.5 miles per hour. 3 to 4 generators will get you to your destination at a speed of around 2.75 to 3.0 miles per hour.

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How many dams are on the White River?

The most upstream dam and reservoir on the river, Beaver Lake, is included within its boundaries. The upper White River is dammed by a total of eight dams, six of which are located in Arkansas and two of which are located in Missouri. In the middle of the river’s lower section is where you’ll find the White River National Wildlife Refuge.

What is the cleanest river in Indiana?

Sugar Creek, the Tippecanoe River, and the East Fork of the White River have been named by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) as the three rivers in the state of Indiana that have the lowest levels of pollution.

What is the most polluted river in Indiana?

As a consequence of this, the Grand Calumet River is considered to be one of the most polluted rivers in the United States, and a section of the river that runs through the state of Indiana has been singled out as one of the 43 locations that fall under the purview of the Great Lakes Area of Concern.

What is the cleanest lake in Indiana?

There is a very little hamlet in the state of Indiana that is home to the lake that is considered to have the cleanest water in all of Indiana. This village of around 340 inhabitants in Indiana, which has the eponymously called Clear Lake, is a hidden gem that only a select few are aware of.

Can you eat fish from the White River?

Mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls are the two pollutants that are principally responsible for the rules for the intake of fish (PCBs). Is It Okay to Eat the Fish That You Have?

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Ohio River Fish Consumption Guidelines
Species Meal Frequency
Sucker Species One meal per month
Walleye/Saugeye One meal per week
White Bass One meal per month

What are the dirtiest lakes in Indiana?

— It’s possible that Kosciusko County has some of the worst water in all of Indiana.The Law and Policy Center has made public its ranking of the nation’s lakes and rivers with the worst levels of pollution.The Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) reports that manure from 77 big livestock enterprises has caused harm to lakes and streams, some of which include Lake Wawasee, Lake Tippecanoe, and Yellow Creek.

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