How Much Is A Loaf Of Bread In Hawaii?

Unsurprisingly, a trip to costly Hawaii will set you back a lot of money. A loaf of bread in paradise costs $3.24, more than three times the price of a loaf in the more affordable states. Where to Buy the Most Affordable Bread

Food prices

Markets Edit
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 5.75$
Rice (white), (1 lb) 2.80$
Eggs (regular) (12) 4.08$
Local Cheese (1 lb) 7.96$

How much does it cost to live in Honolulu Hawaii?

  1. The projected monthly expenditures for a single person, excluding rent, are 1,387.76$.
  2. The cost of living in Honolulu is 3.64 percent more than in New York (without rent, see our cost of living index ).
  3. Rental prices in Honolulu are, on average, 34.20 percent less expensive than those in New York City.
  4. Do you reside in the city of Honolulu?
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Why are groceries so expensive in Hawaii?

This issue appears to stem from the widely held belief that Hawaii has higher food prices than the rest of the country because the vast majority of commodities are made or farmed outside of the islands and must be shipped in. If you’re thinking of relocating to Hawaii, this is a smart question to ask.

How much is a Big Mac in Hawaii?

Hawaii is home to the most costly Big Macs in the United States. According to Zippia, ordering this sandwich at a McDonald’s in Hawaii is likely to cost you more than $5, with the average price coming in at a whopping $5.31.

Is bread expensive in Hawaii?

Honolulu has a new claim to fame. It has the most costly cost of bread in the world, according to The website gets information from approximately 200,000 users to compute the average price of beverages, meals and lodgings, claiming to cover 1600 locations across the world.

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What is the price of bread in Hawaii?

The cost of living in Honolulu is rather high.

Restaurants Edit
Water (12 oz small bottle) 2.10$
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 6.52$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 5.75$

How much is a gallon of milk in Hawaii?

Milk is a mainstay in many people’s diets. However, depending on where you reside, the cost might vary considerably from one year to the next. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average gallon of whole milk costs $3.59 a gallon. Every state has a different average price for milk.

State Cost
Florida $3.07
Georgia $2.69
Hawaii $4.69
Idaho $1.69

How much is gas in Hawaii right now?


Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $5.160 $5.587
Yesterday Avg. $5.156 $5.575
Week Ago Avg. $5.148 $5.565
Month Ago Avg. $5.072 $5.412

How much does it cost to live in Hawaii comfortably?

As of late, an income of more than $122,000 per year is required to live comfortably in Hawaii. Dinner and a movie in Honolulu can set you back around $75, which is a tad on the expensive side. Your food cost may also be on the higher end in this location, with the price of bread and eggs being more than $4 apiece on average in this area.

What is the minimum wage in Hawaii?

Hawaii has a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour at the time of writing. The rate would increase to $12 on October 1, 2024, $16 in 2026, and $18 in 2028, with the next increase scheduled for 2024. The tip credit, which allows companies to pay workers less than the minimum wage provided they get a sufficient amount of tips, is being expanded under the law.

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What does a loaf of bread cost in 2021?

The average cost is $2.50. According to the website, the average cost of a loaf of bread is $2.50.

Why is food so expensive in Hawaii?

Because the majority of Hawaii’s food is imported from the mainland, it is quite costly. It is reasonable to expect to pay far more than you would at home, particularly if you frequent inexpensive food stores such as Aldi (like we do).

How much does it cost to live in Hawaii per month?

A one-bedroom apartment or home can cost anywhere from around $1500 to more than $2000 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment or house will cost approximately $1,800 per month. Are you looking for a magnificent, brand-new one-bedroom condominium? Expect to spend at least $3,000 every month on your car.

What salary do you need to live in Hawaii?

How much does it cost to live in Hawaii on a monthly basis? In order to live comfortably in the state capital of Honolulu, according to some studies, citizens must earn a minimum of $120,000 a year in income. Of course, this is subjective, but according to the United States Census Bureau, the typical household income in Honolulu was around $80,000 in 2019.

How much does it cost to live in Hawaii for a month?

  1. The rent and housing prices in Hawaii are two variables to consider while attempting to comprehend Hawaii’s high cost of living.
  2. The average monthly rent in Honolulu is $2,257 per month, which is more than the national average.
  3. Kahului’s residents spend an average of $1,784 per month in property taxes.
  4. When it comes to property pricing, 82 percent of homes cost more than $357,000, which is much more than the national average.
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How much is a pack of cigarettes in Hawaii?

Cigarette Prices by State for the Year 2022

State Price Tax
Hawaii $10.41 $3.20
Maryland $10.26 $3.75
Illinois $10.16 $2.98
Washington $10.14 $3.02

What is the cheapest city to live in Hawaii?

  1. The Most Affordably Priced Neighborhoods in Hawaii Hana in the Hawaiian island of Maui
  2. Hilo is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
  3. On the island of Oahu, Kahuku is a town.
  4. Kapa’a on the island of Kauai
  5. Wailuku, Maui is a town on the island of Maui.
  6. Oahu’s Waimalu is a popular tourist destination.

Which Hawaiian island is the cheapest to live on?

What Hawaiian island is the most economical to reside on in terms of cost of living? The Hawaiian island of Oahu. According to MIT’s Living Wage Project, the Big Island has the lowest average cost of living in Hawaii, the lowest fair market rentals, and the lowest median yearly costs, making it the most economically feasible of the Hawaiian islands.

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