How To Change Your Name After Divorce In Illinois?

You are not required to submit a request for a name change. If you want to alter your name, you will need a certified copy of your divorce judgment. To obtain a certified copy of your divorce judgment, visit the circuit clerk’s office where your divorce judgment was filed. A price is frequently charged for obtaining a certified copy of a document.

How do I Change my Name in Illinois?

It is possible to seek a name change if you are over the age of eighteen (18) and have been in Illinois for at least six (6) months. To do so, you must file the Adult Name Change papers with the circuit court in your county. If you have been convicted of a crime as defined in 735 ILCS 5/21-101, you are not permitted to alter your name in Illinois (b).

How do I change the name of my child in court?

The court will decide whether or not the child’s given name will be altered in the future. The Order for Name Change form will contain a record of whether the request was approved or denied. File the Order form with a clerk, and if the request is authorized, request that a certified copy of the document be created (a fee may be required).

What happens after my name change request is approved?

After reviewing your Request for Name Change in court, the judge will use an Order for Name Change form to record whether your request has been approved or denied. An experienced judge will complete the majority of the paperwork during your hearing.

How much does it cost to change your name after divorce in Illinois?

You must give the following information to the Secretary of State: A valid driver’s license is required. Document pertaining to a name change (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree) Payment of the $5 fee has been received.

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How do I change my surname back to my maiden name after divorce?

After a divorce, you may choose to change your name. The decree absolute and your marriage certificate are all that are required to change your identification and bank accounts back to your maiden name after you have divorced. Alternatively, you can have your name changed through a deed poll and produce this document as proof of your identity.

Can you legally go back to your maiden name after divorce?

However, if you are just returning to your maiden name following a divorce, many institutions will accept a copy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree absolute, as well as a signed statement stating that you are returning to your maiden name for all reasons.

How much does it cost to legally change your name in Illinois?

Your paperwork should be sent to the Circuit Clerk’s office. Prior to filing your Petition for Change of Name (Adult), you must get your document notarized. The Clerk demands a $291.00 filing fee, which can be paid in cash, money order, or with a credit card. Personal checks are not accepted at this location.

How long does it take to change your name in Illinois?

It will take at least 8 weeks for your name to be changed.

How do I legally change my last name in Illinois?

How to Obtain a Legal Name Change in the State of Illinois

  1. Register your name change with the appropriate authorities.
  2. Publication of the Notice in a local newspaper is recommended.
  3. In Illinois, you must file a Petition for Name Change
  4. Attend a hearing to get your name changed
  5. Make an application for a name change in Illinois
  6. Modify your legal name with the appropriate government agencies
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How do I get my ex wife to drop my last name?

Consider negotiating with her to have her maiden name reinstated in the divorce judgment. This might be your best option. If it’s a very critical topic for you, you might be able to allow her some wiggle room in an area where she has a strong sense of conviction.

Why would a divorced woman keep her married name?

The fact why many women prefer to keep their married names after divorce is due to the fact that they have children. Women who have the same last name as their children may feel more attached to their offspring. It can also create a feeling of consistency for younger children who may be perplexed as to why their mother has a different last name than their father.

Are you still Mrs after divorce?

You are free to choose whatever title you choose. Mrs. may be your preferred title even after your divorce, or you may choose a title such as ″Ms.″ or ″Miss.″ If you don’t want to alter your surname, you won’t have to fill out any legal paperwork to change your title – you can just start using it right away.

How much does it cost to change your name?

In order to change one’s name, what fees are required? Name changes can cost anywhere from less than $100 to more than $500, depending on your state’s requirements. In many states, costs differ from county to county, so check with your local probate, family, or district court clerk to find out what you’ll be charged. Many states still charge fees that are significantly below $100.

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Can I use my passport with my married name after divorce?

Citizens of the United States who have changed their names as a result of marriage, divorce, or for any other reason are permitted to travel using their United States passport or other Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative approved document in their prior name, provided they bring proof of their name progression, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

How do I change my name after marriage in Illinois?

In Illinois, newlyweds are required to wait until their official marriage certificate has been issued by the County Clerk’s Office before changing their surnames. Two weeks following your wedding, you will get a letter with your certificate. Once you receive it, you may begin the process of changing your name to that of your spouse.

Do you need a lawyer to change your name?

If you want to alter your name, you don’t have to go through any formal legal process. As long as you are not deceiving someone, you are free to use any name you choose to identify yourself.

Can you change your name for free?

The Social Security Administration has its own form, which you may obtain for free from the organization. The kind people at SSI will also notify the Internal Revenue Service of the name change, so you’ll be set to go. Simply bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate along with you when you visit the DMV, and you’ll be done in less than an hour.

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