How To Order A Birth Certificate From Georgia?

Your local county office or the State Office of Vital Records can provide you with a certified copy of your birth certificate if you so want. Requests for this service can be made in person or by letter. If you want, you can also get certified copies online through one of our approved third-party suppliers (GO Certificates, ROVER, and Vital Chek).

Can I get a copy of my birth certificate online Georgia?

The State Office of Vital Records has made it possible for you to order birth and death certificates online through a variety of methods. Please read the list of permitted third-party merchants and state-approved vendors below for further information. Requests for standard service are processed and sent within 8-10 weeks.

What do you need to get a copy of your birth certificate in GA?


  1. A birth certificate request form that has been completed and signed
  2. A Sworn Statement (this is not necessary for requests made in person)
  3. Choose from one of the official picture identification (ID) options available: Driver’s license issued by the state of Georgia. A government-issued photo identification card is required. A photo identification card issued by a company

How long does it take to get a birth certificate in Georgia?

Processing time for most orders is between 2 and 4 weeks. For an extra $10, you may have your order processed and shipped more quickly. The Office of Vital Records may be reached by phone at 404-679-4702 or by email at [email protected] for further information on obtaining a copy of your vital records.

How much does it cost to get a birth certificate in the state of Georgia?

It costs $25 to obtain a full-sized copy of a Georgia birth certificate, with subsequent copies costing $5 each. Make a money order or certified check payable to the Department of Vital Records.

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How do you get a replacement birth certificate?

In order to obtain a copy of your birth certificate, you must first contact the vital records office in the state or territory where you were born. Pay attention to the directions for getting copies and remitting payments. If you want a copy right now, inquire about expedited service or shipping options when placing your order.

Is VitalChek com legit?

Citizens have been able to securely purchase verified birth certificates and other important documents from official government offices around the country for over 25 years through VitalChek, which is an official, government-authorized service.

How can I get my birth certificate from Georgia without ID?

You may obtain the address and phone number of the vital records registrar and custodian of a certain county by calling the state vital records office at (404) 679-4702, which can be reached at (404) 679-4702. Additionally, you may seek a certified copy of your birth certificate at the main state office in Atlanta, regardless of where you were born in the state of Georgia.

Where do I go to get a birth certificate?

ABOUT THE SERVICES: Because the birth of a child is a life-altering event, it should be recorded at the Civil Registrar’s office within a thirty (30) day reglementary period from the time of the child’s birth.

How long does it take to get birth certificate after baby is born?

While it may take up to six months for parents to get their child’s birth certificate, with a little effort, you may obtain a certified genuine copy of your child’s birth certificate from the Public Health Agency of Canada in less than a month.

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How do I get my child’s birth certificate in Florida?

How to acquire a copy of one’s birth certificate is as follows:

  1. Visit us at our main office, which is located at 3225 University Blvd. S.
  2. Send a written request to: Office of Vital Statistics, 921 N.
  3. 921 N.E.
  4. If you want to order via phone, you can call VitalChek at 1-877-297-9125 and pay with a credit card for birth and death certificates.

How do I get my birth certificate from Savannah GA?

It is located inside the Chatham County Health Department, at 1395 Eisenhower Drive in Savannah, and is accessible via public transportation. The phone number is (912) 356-2138, or toll free 1-866-667-3236 (international). If you want your request to be fulfilled the same day, you must appear at the office at least 30 minutes before it closes.

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