How To Pay Indiana State Taxes?

You may make a payment online with INTIME using a debit card, a credit card, or an electronic check (bank/ACH – no costs) (fees apply) Pay your bill in person at any of the Department of Revenue’s district offices or the facility in downtown Indianapolis using any of the following: cash (exact change only), personal or cashier’s check, money order, or debit/credit cards (fees apply).

  • The deadline for Indiana citizens to submit their state returns and pay any state taxes that they owe for 2019 has been extended to July 15, 2020.
  • In normal, you have until the 15th of April of each year to file your Indiana tax return and pay any taxes that are owed, just like you do when filing your federal tax return; however, this year is a bit different.
  • Indiana income tax rate.
  • Taxpayers are required to pay fees.

How do I pay if I owe Indiana state taxes?

  • You are able to set up a payment plan with the Indiana Department of Revenue by either giving them a call at (317) 232-2240 or going online to the website
  • You might have up to 36 months to pay off your tax obligation, but this number is determined by the amount of back taxes you owe.
  • If the outstanding balance on your Indiana tax bill is not paid at this point, an Indiana tax lien will be filed on your property.

What is the deadline to pay Indiana state taxes?

  • The deadline for filing individual tax returns and making payments, which was previously set for April 15, 2021, has been moved to no later than May 17, 2021.
  • The due dates for submitting any other types of tax returns and making payments will not alter.
  • Those who believe they will be unable to meet the deadline of May 17, 2021 and would like to request an extension can do so either directly with the department or with the IRS.
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How do I find out how much I owe the state of Indiana?

You can reach the automated information line at 317-233-4018 from Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in order to obtain the current sum that is owed on any individual or corporate tax debt. You will want either your taxpayer identification number or your Social Security number, in addition to a letter of identification.

Can I pay my Indiana state taxes through Turbotax?

You can see the screens for paying an At balance due in step 2 of the FILE tab, where you pick how to pay the federal and state balance dues. The directions are pretty clear; nothing is paid through the TT system; you had to utilize the link to visit the IN website in order to set up the debit.

Where do I send my Indiana state tax payment?

The Department of Revenue for the State of Indiana. P.O. Box 40. Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040.

How do I pay my Indiana state taxes by phone?


  1. About State Information Center.
  2. Call: 800-457-8283.

Has the Indiana tax Deadline been extended for 2021?

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) will extend the deadlines for filing individual income tax returns and making payments so that they coincide with the deadline set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of May 17, 2021. Governor Eric Holcomb made the announcement today.

Is there an extension for Indiana state taxes?

  • The 18th of April in 2022 is the day by which Indiana residents are required to submit their individual tax returns for the year 2021.
  • Please take note that submitting an extension request does not push back the date for paying any taxes that are owed.
  • If you anticipate having a tax liability after submitting a return, you should make a payment equal to at least 90 percent of the amount you anticipate owing by the date that the return was originally due.
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What is the deadline to pay taxes for 2021?

  • Even for people who don’t live in the region, the April 18 deadline for filing tax returns for the year 2021, requesting extensions, and paying any taxes that are owing because of the Emancipation Day celebration in Washington, D.C.
  • Due to the Patriots’ Day holiday on April 19, residents of Massachusetts and Maine have until the following day to file their tax returns for the year 2021, seek an extension, or pay any taxes that are due.

How Much Indiana tax do I owe?

In Indiana, the state income tax rate is set at a flat rate of 3.23 percent for the tax year 2021. This means that citizens of Indiana will pay the same proportion of their income in state taxes regardless of how much money they make. In contrast to the federal income tax system, the rates are not variable according to the taxpayer’s amount of income.

Why do I owe state taxes Indiana?

Why Do I Have a Tax Debt to the State? It’s possible that you owe state taxes due to the fact that your particular tax position is unique. If you received a refund the year before, you should be eligible for another one this year as long as the circumstances remain the same. This is the case even if you filed your taxes late.

What is Indiana tax ID number?

You should be able to locate your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) on any correspondence that you have received from the Department of Revenue. If you are unsure, please call the agency at the following number: (317) 233-4016.

How do I pay my taxes if I owe?

If you have a tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service gives you numerous alternatives for paying it right once or making arrangements to pay it in installments, including the following:

  1. Withdrawal of Funds Through Electronic Means When you e-file your tax return, you can make payments using your bank account
  2. Paying Directly
  3. Credit or debit cards.
  4. Make your payment in cash.
  5. Installment arrangement
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How can you owe taxes?

The following are the five most typical explanations for why individuals have tax debts.

  1. They had too little money deducted from their wages. Changing the information on your W-4 form with your employer is all it takes to award yourself a pay boost.
  2. Additional income that is exempt from tax withholding
  3. Tax on independent contractors
  4. Difficulty in preparing the estimated taxes to be paid quarterly
  5. Alterations to the tax return that you filed

How do I pay my taxes?

Pay Tax Online​​

  1. Step 1: If you want to pay your taxes electronically, go to and log in. You may either pay your taxes online by clicking here or on the option labeled ″e-pay taxes″ that is offered on the aforementioned website
  2. Step 2: Pick the appropriate challan by choosing one of the following:
  3. Step-3.
  4. Step-4.
  5. Step-5.
  6. Step-6.
  7. Step-7

What is the tax rate in Indiana?

For example, the tax limitations in Indiana set the maximum amount of property taxes that may be levied on a homestead at 1 percent of the property’s value. According to Bottorff, ″less assessed value to tax, higher tax rates, and more properties at the tax caps all add up to lost revenue for local units.″

How to file Indiana State Tax Online?

  1. Gasoline Use Tax, Abbreviated as GUT
  2. Alcohol – ALC
  3. Motor Fuel – MFT
  4. Special Fuel – SFT
  5. TRP stands for the Transporter Tax.
  6. Other Tobacco Products, sometimes abbreviated as OTP
  7. Tax on Excise for Vehicle Sharing (also Known as VSE)
  8. Aviation Fuel – AVF
  9. Please visit our brand new portal, INTIME, for registrations on any other types of taxes

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