How To Submit An Op-Ed To Los Angeles Times?

[email protected] is the only email address to which submissions should be submitted.Please do not email pitches or incomplete submissions; in order for an article to be considered for publication, a complete draft of the piece must be submitted.Please include the author’s name, followed by the topic, in the subject line of your email, and include the complete text of the article into the body of the letter as well.

How do I send a letter to the editor of the LA Times?

Send your submissions to [email protected] o Letters must be 150 words or fewer and may be edited before publication. Please use this form to submit your letter. If your letter is selected for publication, you will be notified by phone or email.

How do I send an anonymous tip to the LA Times?

If you wish to send us secret emails, you can do so with the use of a program known as PGP. The contents of an email are encrypted, but the sender’s email address, the time stamp, and the subject line are not obscured.

Who writes oped?

It is also known as an op-ed, short for ‘opposite the editorial page’ or as a backronym, the ‘opinions and editorials page,’ and it is a written prose piece that is typically published by a North-American newspaper or magazine and in which the opinion of an author who is not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board is expressed by the author.

How do I contact the Los Angeles Times?

Customer Service

  1. Contact Customer Service | (213) 283-2274 if you need assistance managing your account online.
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Who is the editor of the Los Angeles Times?

In recognition of its reporting on these and other causes, it has received more than 40 Pulitzer Prizes. As of June 18, 2018, Patrick Soon-Shiong is the sole owner of the daily, and Norman Pearlstine serves as its executive editor, according to the newspaper’s website.

What is a letter from the editor?

A letter to the editor (LTE) is a letter written to a publication in which the writer expresses his or her concerns about a particular problem. Typically, letters are written with the intention of being published. Letters to the editor are accepted in many newspapers and can be sent either by traditional mail or by electronic mail to the editor.

How do you write a letter to the editor of a scientific journal?

Letters to the editor or to the author should include impartial and constructive interpretations or debates on medical, scientific, or general topics of interest that are relevant to the audience. They should have a certain goal in mind and communicate their message in a concise and understandable manner.

How do I submit LTE?

Letters to the editor or to the author should include impartial and constructive interpretations or debates on medical, scientific, or general topics of interest that are relevant to the reader. Each one should have a specific goal in mind, and they should communicate in a concise and understandable manner.

How do I contact David Lazarus?

Send customer suggestions to David Lazarus at [email protected]

How can I contact Steve Lopez at the L.A. Times?

Steve Lopez’s electronic mail address

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How much does the L.A. Times newspaper cost?

For as little as $1.99 a week, you can help support local news.Alternatively, you may subscribe to the L.A.Times for only $3.99 each week, representing an 81 percent discount.You’ll also receive the Beverly Press or the Park La Brea News delivered to your home every Thursday if you take advantage of these incentives.

  • In addition, you’ll have unlimited digital access to everything on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is an op-ed an opinion piece?

Op-eds. It is an opinion piece that appears on a page in the newspaper that is solely dedicated to them, and it is often written by a subject-matter expert, someone who has a unique perspective on an issue, or a regular columnist who is employed by the paper. Op-eds are abbreviated from ‘opposite the editorial page’.

How do you write an article?

How to write articles

  1. To begin writing, choose a topic of interest.
  2. Determine who your target audience is
  3. Make a list of facts that will support your story
  4. Create a rough plan for your piece of writing
  5. Organize your thoughts into a rough draft and narrow your plan
  6. Define the subject of your paper
  7. Read your text aloud until it is free of errors.

What is column writing?

The term ″column″ refers to an ongoing item or article in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication in which a writer expresses their own views in a certain number of columns assigned to them by the media organization. Columnists are the people who write the columns.

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