Quick Answer: where can i buy a whole pig in los angeles?

How much does it cost to buy a whole pig?

The cost of a whole hog is a whole hog at $6.00/lb and a half hog for $6.50 per pound. This is based on the actual weight for the amount of meat that you receive back. For all purchases there is a non-refundable deposit fee of $200 for a whole hog and $100 for a half hog.

Can I buy a whole pig?

Whole pigs are $6.00/pound of the hanging weight. Based on the expected hanging weights, that would make a whole pig to be between $1,320-$1,680. Once you purchase the whole pig from us, you will work with the butcher shop, Bud’s Custom Meats, to decide how you want the pork cut and wrapped.

How much does a 250 lb pig cost?

For the 250 pound hogs yielding more than 75 percent the total wholesale weight is 31,861pounds and is valued at $26,582 or $132.91 per head.

Is it worth buying a whole pig?

A whole pig typically yields 120 pounds of meat or more. Cost depends on the cuts chosen and its weight, but one can expect to save 15 percent to 40 percent. Farmers are willing to sell the whole pig for less than its parts to save on marketing dollars.

How much does a 50 lb pig cost?

31 – 40 lbs. $4.99 lb.
41 – 50 lbs. $4.50 lb.
51 – 60 lbs. $3.80 lb.

How much does a 100 lb pig cost?

Roast it Yourself

Hog Size # of people price/lb.
70-80lb 40-50 $2.90
100lb 70 $2.60
120lb 80 $2.35
140lb 100 $2.25
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What cuts to butcher a pig?

There are five sections of the pig that yield edible cuts: pork shoulder, pork belly, pork loin, pork butt (or ham), and the head. From those sections, the butcher can offer sausage, bacon, spare ribs, brisket, ribs, steaks, pork chops, pork cutlets, coppa, presa, secreto, and tenderloin.

How many pounds of bacon do you get from a pig?

A 282-pound Live Pig Produces a 211-Pound Carcass

Carcass Breakdown
Primal Cuts Retail Pork*
Side (28.1 lbs.)
Cured bacon 16.2
Spare ribs 8.1

How much is a whole pig for a pig roast?

Price of whole pigs varies depending on size and market; pigs under 80 pounds cost about $230; over 80 pounds, $215. Orders must be placed at least one week ahead. Whole pigs run $2.02 per pound. You also can rent a charcoal grill for $50 per weekend.

What is the best weight to butcher a pig?

While the ideal weight for a butcher hog is around 265 pounds according to the packing industry, I seldom managed to butcher at that weight. There are several reasons for that, not the least of which is my dislike for killing.

How much does a 150 lb pig cost?

Finished hanging weight was approximately 150 pounds per pig, which means about $2.50 per pound hanging weight. Local farms charge $4 per pound hanging weight, and then charge the buyer for slaughtering and butchering fees on top of that. The same pig, purchased from a local farm would have cost around $600.

What is the cheapest way to buy meat?

20 Bizarre and Extreme Ways to Get Meat for Cheap

  • Consider buying meat in bulk via a cow share.
  • Head to the grocery store early to find the best discounts in the meat department.
  • Make your own jerky to save about $25 a pound (and have better jerky!)
  • Buy meat by the case at Costco to save 20%.
  • Print cheap meat by looking for coupons before you shop.
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Can you turn a whole pig into bacon?

Re: Do you use the whole pig to make bacon? In theory you can cure any of the meat as if it was bacon. You just need to adjust the length of time need for it to take up the cure on how thick the piece of meat is. So long as you don’t mind if it can‘t be cut into rashers – it will be fine for cooking etc.

How much does a whole pig feed?

A 75 pound dressed hog (a dressed hog is a hog that is gutted) will yield about 35 pounds of edible pork, enough to make about 70 pulled pork sandwiches and feed about 50 people depending on what else you are serving, average age, gender, time of day, and available alcohol.

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