Quick Answer: which of these cities is farther west than los angeles?

Which city is farther west than Los Angeles?

Reno Is Farther West Than Los Angeles.

Is Reno farther west than Los Angeles?

Though Nevada is California’s eastern neighbor and Los Angeles sits on the Pacific Coast, Reno is farther west than Los Angeles. Reno is located at 119°49′ West, while Los Angeles is located at 118°14′ West.

Is Lake Tahoe further west than LA?

After all, Los Angeles is on the western edge of California, and Lake Tahoe on the eastern border. But Lake Tahoe really is west of Los Angeles, so all you need to do is carry around a globe and some string and you should be able to prove your assertion easily.

Is Reno Nevada further west than San Diego California?

Reno is 2.65 degrees of Longitude West of San Diego. This is a flat map, and not as accurate for 2.65 degrees of longitude, but you can see Reno, NV is West of San Diego.

Is Las Vegas farther west than LA?

So Las Vegas is farther east than Los Angeles. As mentioned in another message above, Reno, Nevada is farther west than Los Angeles. Essentially, you need to be in the lower portion of California bordering on Arizona and Mexico to be further east of Las Vegas and still remain in the state of California.

Is Atlanta farther west than Detroit?

Atlanta is further South than Detroit too! That all depends upon where the measurement is taking place. If I’m standing in between Atlanta and Detroit, then Detroit is farther west.

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Is Carson City west of Los Angeles?

The City of Carson is in Southern California, about 16 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, in the region known as the South Bay. Carson is bordered by the city of Long Beach on the east, and the city of Torrance on the west.

Which is further East Liverpool or Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is further west than Liverpool, which many people would probably be surprised by (especially as Edinburgh is in “the east” while Liverpool is “the north west”).

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