What Are The Phases Of Reopening Illinois?

Following the Restore Illinois principles, each health region in Illinois will go through five phases of reopening, which are as follows: A strict stay at home and social distance policy was put in place, with only the most essential enterprises remaining open during Phase 1 – the rapid spread of the virus.Flattening was completed in Phase 2 of the project, allowing non-essential retail shops to reopen for curbside collection and delivery.

What phase of reopening is Illinois in?

Illinois reopened its doors to the public on Friday, starting Phase 5 of the state’s restoration plan. Download our local news and weather app for iOS or Android — and customize your notifications to receive just the information you want.

What are the rules for reopening restaurants in Illinois?

Phase Four: Smaller gatherings of 50 people or less will be permitted, and restaurants and bars will be permitted to reopen. Under the supervision of the Illinois Department of Public Health, travelers, child care providers, and schools can continue their operations.

What is Phase 3 of the Illinois healthcare reopening program?

When it began: On May 29, all four of Illinois’ healthcare areas entered Phase 3 of the transition. Chicago became a member on June 3. What is permissible: The general public can return to manufacturing, offices, retail, barbershops, and salons with capacity and other restrictions, as well as safety precautions.

When will Illinois’reopening plan begin?

According to Pritzker, Illinois launched phase two of its reopening plan on May 1, when a modified injunction took effect enabling certain firms to reopen. The earliest any facility may begin into phase three will be May 29, he added. Here’s a look at the five steps Pritzker proposed to reopen:

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