What Channel Is Abc In Kansas City?

In Kansas City, Missouri, KMBC serves as an ABC local network affiliate. You are able to view KMBC’s local news, as well as the weather, traffic, live sports, and programming from daytime, primetime, and late night. Either by using an antenna tuned to Channel 9 or by subscribing to a live streaming service, you will have the opportunity to see the broadcast channel.


Kansas City, Missouri United States
Channels Digital: 29 (UHF) Virtual: 9
Branding KMBC 9 MeTV Kansas City (on DT2)
Affiliations 9.1: ABC 9.2: MeTV 9.3: Story Television (soon)

Where can I stream KMBC in Kansas City?

  • KMBC, which is an ABC affiliate, is available to stream using Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV.
  • KMBC (ABC 9) and 64 other national and local channels including ESPN, Discovery, A&E, ABC, History, and more are just some of the channels that are available on Hulu with Live TV.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive streaming service in Kansas City that includes local channels, then we recommend Hulu with Live TV.

What channel is ABC in Alaska?

The Alaska Rural Communications Service airs repeats of select episodes from ABC’s programming (ARCS). KPOB-TV 15, located in Poplar Bluff (satellite of WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, Ill.) KNEP Station 4 Scottsbluff (satellite of KOTA, Rapid City, S.D.)

What channel is ABC on antenna in Kansas City?

Stations for Kansas City, Missouri, in the state of Missouri

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
02-1 7.3 ABC
02-2 7.4 Antenna TV
04-1 34.3 FOX

What channel is ABC in Missouri?

Check out Zap2it.com for the most recent news and notes on television programming. Mizzou Cable Channel Guide.

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Channel Network
7-2 KOMU HD (CW)
8-2 KMIZ DT4 (MeTV)

What local channel is CBS Kansas City?

KCTV, often known as channel 5, is a CBS-affiliated television station that can be found in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. Gray Television and KSMO-TV, an affiliate of MyNetworkTV, are the owners of the station (channel 62).

What channel is NBC local in Kansas City?

KSHB-TV, also known as channel 41, is an NBC-affiliated television station that can be seen in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States.

What are the local channels in Kansas City?


Station Network Channel
KQTV + 1 subchannel ABC ST. JOSEPH 2
WDAF + 2 subchannels FOX KANSAS CITY 4
KCTV + 1 subchannel CBS KANSAS CITY 5
KMBC + 2 subchannels ABC KANSAS CITY 9

How can I watch ABC on Roku?

You can stream ABC on Roku. There will be a ″Go To Channel″ option available in the event that the channel has already been installed. The application has been loaded onto your Roku at this time. Launch the application, and use the credentials you established when subscribing to the service to log in. ABC will be one of the channels that can be accessed through the live TV guide of the app.


St. Petersburg has its own television station, and it broadcasts on channel 5.

St. Louis, Missouri United States
Former affiliations All secondary: DuMont (1947–1956) CBS (1947–1953) ABC (1948–1953) DT2: Bounce TV (until 2022)

What channel is ABC in St Louis?


St. Louis, Missouri United States
Channels Digital: 31 (UHF) Virtual: 30
Branding ABC 30
Affiliations 30.1: ABC 30.2: TBD 30.3: Charge! 30.4: Stadium
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What channel is ABC on spectrum?

Every one of Spectrum’s television packages comes equipped with at least some of the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) channel lineup. This is most likely due to the fact that it is a fan favorite for all people of all ages and that it meets the requirements of all age groups. Which channel on Spectrum do you find ABC on?

City/State ABC Channel Number
Orlando, FL 7
Houston, TX 13, 781
New York City 7
Raleigh, NC 9

What Channel Is CBS on local antenna?


Station Network Channel
KCBS + 1 subchannel CBS LOS ANGELES 2
KNBC + 1 subchannel NBC LOS ANGELES 4
KTLA + 3 subchannels CW LOS ANGELES 5
KABC + 2 subchannels ABC LOS ANGELES 7

How can I stream local channels in Kansas City?

Kansas City, MO Channels on a local level The majority of viewers in the Kansas City, Missouri area should subscribe to fuboTV in our opinion. You will get access to the local stations as well as 27 of the top cable television networks.

What channel is Fox Kansas City?

FOX-affiliated television station WDAF-TV is licensed to Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States, and serves the metropolitan region around Kansas City. The station’s virtual channel 4 corresponds to the UHF digital channel 34.

What channel is ABC in Wichita Kansas?

KAKE, also known as channel 10, is a television station that can be seen in Wichita, Kansas, in the United States. It is owned by Lockwood Broadcast Group and is associated with ABC.

What Channel Is CBS on spectrum in Kansas City?

What Shows are on CBS

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State/City CBS Sports Network
Jacksonville, NC 303 and 818
Knoxville, TN 303 and 813
Kansas City, KS 315

Who is leaving Fox 4 KC?

Mark Alford, a former news anchor for the Kansas City Star, has declared his intention to run for Congress. Both Mark Alford and his wife, Leslie, have taken to Twitter to highlight some of the reasons why he decided to leave his job at Fox 4 after 23 years.

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