What Is The Postal Code For Maryland?

What is the zip code for sites in Maryland, which is abbreviated as MD? Presented in descending order based on the zip code Zip code | Name | Area Code (s) Sort according to the City/Town: 20588 Cheltenham (202) 20588 Columbia (202) 20588 Dept HS (202) 20588 DHS (202) 20601 Waldorf (301/240/227)

Postal codes for the state of Maryland

Place Code
1 Rockville 20850
2 Baltimore 21201

How many ZIP codes are in the state of Maryland?

603 different ZIP codes can be found in Maryland. Type, City, and County are followed by the ZIP Code. ZIP Code 20588. Dhs. Howard. Unique.

What is the postal code for Baltimore MD?

Postal codes for the state of Maryland 1 Baldwin 21013 in the United States of America Baltimore 39.519/-76.493 39.519/-76.493 39.519° N and 76.493° N are the coordinates of Boring 21020 in the United States. Baltimore Brooklandville, Maryland 21022, United States 39.521/-76.805 39.521/-76.805 39.521/-76.805 39.521/-76.805 39.521/-76.805 3 Baltimore 24 more rows

What is the abbreviation for Maryland?

MD State Abbreviation Since you are already familiar with the two-letter abbreviation for the state of Maryland (MD), it only makes sense for you to also be familiar with the more common abbreviation for the state’s name, which is MD.

What is the ZIP code for Charles County MD?

The Complete Zip Code Listing for All of Maryland’s Cities and Towns Please enter the City, County, and Area Codes 20588. Unique Dhs 410 20601 for the county of Howard Standard Waldorf Charles County 304,301 20602 Standard Waldorf Charles County 301,240 20603 Standard Waldorf Charles County 304,301 20601 Charles County Standard Waldorf 301,240 additional rows

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Is a postal code a zip code?

The method through which addresses are communicated by mail in the United States is known as the ZIP code system. It is a string of digits that conveys information about persons who are categorized according to their location in various ways.

What is my postal code USA?

When looking for ZIP Codes, select the state first.

State ZIP Range
AZ Arizona 85001 to 86556
AR Arkansas 71601 to 72959
CA California 90001 to 96162
CO Colorado 80001 to 81658

How do you write a postal code?

Formats appropriate for addresses

  1. Street Address should be written in all capital characters
  2. The POSTAL CODES should be written with capital letters, and there should be a space between the first three characters and the last three characters.
  3. Put the city, the province or region, and the postal code all on the same line

What is an example of a postal code?

There may be several acceptable forms for the data contained in a specific field. For example, a postal code in the United States might consist of either five digits or five digits followed by a hyphen (sometimes known as a dash) and then another four digits (12345-1234). When verifying US postal codes, you need to account for both of these requirements.

Is post code a number?

A number consisting of five digits that is used to identify a specific postal delivery region in the United States.

What is 5-digit US ZIP Code?

A five-digit code known as a ZIP Code is used to identify a certain postal service delivery zone or post office as the recipient of mail.ZIP codes are used to identify the final destination of mail items before they are sorted and delivered.Each ZIP Code identifies a unique set of delivery routes that are utilized by mail carriers as well as locations that are covered by the United States Postal Service.

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What is Amazon’s ZIP Code?

City/Agency located inside the 98170 ZIP Code

State County City/Agency

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