What Is The Zip Code For Waldorf Maryland?

Waldorf, MD Information and Statistics Relating to the 20601 ZIP Code When compared to the land area covered by other ZIP codes in the United States, the one that corresponds to the location 20601 in central Maryland is slightly smaller than the norm. Additionally, the population density is rather lower than the national average.

What is the latitude and longitude of Waldorf Maryland?

There is a center Longitude / Latitude point associated with each Waldorf Maryland zip code (the Waldorf center is located at -76.898696899414 and 38.638198852539). We have also stated, for your convenience, whether or not that particular zip code in Waldorf makes use of daylight saving time.

What is the ZIP code for rental property in Waldorf?

Apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes serving as principal residences are all included in the pricing for rental properties in the 20602 ZIP code.See the article on Home Prices in Waldorf, MD for additional information.When compared to the rest of the country, the median household income of $79,611 is much higher.Additionally, it is compared to the ZIP codes in the surrounding areas.

What is the population of Waldorf Maryland by race?

Waldorf, Maryland’s Population Distributed by Race (2010) 67,752 people out of a total population of 100 make up the race population. 36 152 53 African Americans Whites made up 24,052 of the total, while Hispanics made up 3,972 of the total.

How far is Waldorf from Washington DC?

It is situated 37 kilometers (23 miles) to the south-southeast of Washington, District of Columbia.At the time of the census in 2010, the population of the census-designated area, which now now includes the sizable planned town of St.Charles, was 67,752 people.Before the year 1900, the community of Waldorf was established as a rural crossroads with a railroad station.

  1. Back then, the community was known as ″Beantown,″ after a local family.
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What is the full ZIP code for Waldorf Maryland?

ZIP Code 20603

Post Office City: Waldorf, MD (View All Cities)
County: Charles County
Timezone: Eastern (10:09pm)
Area code: 240 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 38.63, -76.97 ZIP (~5 mile radius)

What percentage of Waldorf is black?

60.61 percent of Waldorf’s population identifies as black or as African American

Is Waldorf MD in Prince George’s County?

In Charles County, Maryland, in the United States, you’ll find the unincorporated community of Waldorf, which is also a census-designated place.

What district is ZIP code 20772 in?

Map of ZIP Code 20772 Border The state of Maryland, inside the metropolitan region of Washington, DC, is the location of the 20772 zip code.The majority of the population in the 20772 zip code lives in Prince Georges County.There are additional parts of the 20772 zip code that are situated in Anne Arundel County.UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland is the name that the United States Postal Service has designated for the 20772 zip code.

Is Waldorf MD good place to live?

The suburban region known as Waldorf is both quite charming and incredibly gorgeous.Waldorf is a town that can be a lot of fun to live in if you know the proper people, since it is a very involved community.The neighborhood is made better by the presence of a mall in the heart of it, along with a number of plazas and smaller retail areas.There is always going to be something new and exciting for you to try.

What is Waldorf Maryland known for?

Today, it is best known as the location of the Dr. Samuel Mudd House and Museum, which preserves the home of the notorious Confederate sympathizer and John Wilkes Booth accomplice who helped in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The museum was established on the site of the Dr. Samuel Mudd House.

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Is Waldorf MD a city?

Population. Waldorf, which has a population of 77,711, is the 5th most populous city in the state of Maryland, which has a total of 528 cities.

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