What Lava Zone Is Ocean View Hawaii?

Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, Black Sand Beach, Nanawale Estates, Kehena, Kalapana Seaview Estate, parts of Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hawaiian Beaches, parts of Kapoho, Puna Beach Palisades, Kona Paradise, Honomalino, Opiihale, and other areas are included in Lava Zone 2.

What are lava zones in Hawaii?

Zones of lava. Zones of Lava Hazard: On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, lava dangers are a real part of the adventure. In addition to the fact that Hawaii Island is made up of active volcanoes, there are certain crucial considerations that should be taken into account when considering acquiring real estate in places that are more susceptible to lava flow.

Where is Ocean View Hawaii located?

At 19°6′28′′N 155°46′2′′W / 19°6′28′′N 155°46′2′′W / 19.10778°N 155.76722°W / 19.10778; -155.76722 (19.107649, -155.767186), Ocean View is a town on the southwest rift zone of the shield volcano Mauna Loa, on the island of Hawaii’s southernmost point, the southernmost point of the state.

Where are the Zone 2 areas in Hawaii?

The following are located on the east side of the island, from Hilo to the district of Puna: Volcano Village, Glenwood, Mountain View, and Kurtistown, as well as everything above and surrounding them. In addition to these tiny subdivisions, all additional minor subdivisions in the district of Kau, ranging from Hawaiian Ocean View Estates to South Point, are categorized as Zone 2.

What volcano zone is Ocean View Hawaii?

  1. Ocean View is located on the southwest rift zone of the shield volcano Mauna Loa, at 19°6′28′′N 155°46′2′′W (19.107649, -155.767186), at the southernmost point of the island of Hawaii at 19°6′28′′N 155°46′2′′W (19.107649, -155.767186).
  2. The elevation of the CDP varies from 600 feet (180 meters) above sea level at the southern side to 4,900 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level around the northern edge.
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Where are the lava zones in Hawaii?

The islands of Hawaii and Maui are the only ones that have lava flows. Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui is classified as a ″dormant″ volcano, which implies that there is a chance that it will erupt at any time. The Hawaii Volcano Observatory’s lava-flow hazard zone map for Maui may be seen on their website.

What does lava zone 3 in Hawaii mean?

Volcanic lava can readily flow into your backyard if you live in Lava Zone 2, which is located immediately downslope from calderas or rifts. Even though Lava Zone 3 encompasses locations that are further distant from calderas and rift zones, lava can still flow over vast distances, and even into your garden in rare instances.

When was the last lava flow in Ocean View Hawaii?

The eruption began on January 16 when lava briefly erupted at the peak of Mauna Loa, igniting the surrounding area. Within a couple of days after the eruption, cracks on the volcano’s Southwest Rift Zone, right above what is now Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, erupted, channelizing an a flow that traveled 24 kilometers (15 miles) to the ocean in less than a day.

What does lava zone 4 mean?

Zone 4 – This includes the entire island of Hualalai, where the frequency of eruptions is lower than that of Kilauea or Mauna Loa. Zone 5 – This includes the entire island of Mauna Loa. The amount of lava covered has decreased accordingly, with around 5 percent since 1800 and less than 15 percent in the last 750 years.

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What lava zone is Hove?

  1. Lava flows from Mauna Loa’s Southwest Rift Zone have crossed the major road (now Highway 11) on Hawai’i Island six times during the course of the previous 148 years.
  2. The years in which these mudflows erupted are indicated by the color red.
  3. It is shown where Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) is located for the purpose of orientation and reference.
  4. Map provided by the United States Geological Survey.

Is Mountain View Hawaii in the lava zone?

The District of Puna is divided into three lava zones and contains the towns of Kea’au, Kurtistown, Mountain View, Volcano, and Pahoa, as well as other small communities.

Is Mountain View in lava zone?

Advertisement This town, which gets its name from the abundance of mountain vistas, does not disappoint. One of the world’s highest mountains and volcanoes, Mauna Kea, is located directly across the street from the hotel. Mountain Glimpse, which is located inland at a height of 1,440 feet (439 m), does not have a lava beach or a view of the glistening Pacific Ocean.

What does lava zone 1 mean?

Zone 1: ‘Includes the peaks and rift zones of Klauea and Mauna Loa (on the left), where vents have been frequently active throughout historical time,’ according to the National Geographic Society. As a result, these places are the most dangerous since virtually all (or all of) newly formed lava first erupts from the earth inside Zone 1 of the volcano.

Is Hawaiian beaches in lava zone 2?

Zone 2 includes the communities of Hawaiian Beaches and Hawaiian Shores, which together contain more than 3,000 properties. There are a number of other zone 2 subdivisions in the region, including Puna Beach Palisades, which has around 150 lots, Waawaa, which has approximately 180 lots, and Kalapana Seaview Estates, which has over 1,000 lots.

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What is the safest lava zone in Hawaii?

A portion of the geographical area defined as Zone 1, the most dangerous, including volcanic vents near the summits and rift zones of Klauea (Hawaii’s most active volcano) and Mauna Loa (Hawai’i’s second most active volcano). Zone 9, which is regarded to be the least dangerous zone, is comprised of Kohala, a volcano that has not erupted in 60,000 years and is the least dangerous region.

Is it safe to live in lava zone 3?

To Begin, Let Us Distinguish Between Lava Zones Zones 3-9 are deemed ″low risk″ owing to the fact that they are protected by topographical obstacles, are located downslope from the dormant Mauna Kea volcano, or have not been overrun by lava in the recent several millennia.

What Lava Zone is milolii?

Please don’t be alarmed; lava will not be arriving on this side of the island any time soon — that would be on the other side of the island — despite the fact that the property is located in lava Zone 2. On April 18, 1926, the fishing community of Hooploa, which was next to Milolii, was completely engulfed by lava.

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