What Time Is Sunset In Los Angeles California Today?

Today’s sunrise is at 6:53 a.m. 118° Southeast is the latitude of the location. Today’s sunset is at 4:46 p.m. Approximately 242 degrees southwest. Time of day for rising and setting.

What are the sunrise and sunset times in Los Angeles?

The 24th of October, 2019. The first light came on at 6:40:48 a.m. The sun will rise at 7:06:15 a.m. The sunset is at 6:07:53 PM. At 6:33:20 PM, the last light is turned on. The day is 11 hours and 1 minute long. In Los Angeles, California, tomorrow will be one minute shorter than today.

How long is the first day of December in Los Angeles?

On the 24th of October, 2019 At 6:40:48 a.m., the first light appeared. 7:06:15 a.m. is the time of sunrise. 6:07:53 PM is the time of sunset. 6:33:20 p.m. is the last time the lights go out. One minute has been added to the end of the day. In Los Angeles, California, tomorrow’s day will be one minute shorter than today.

What time does the winter solstice start in Los Angeles?

  1. * All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) for Los Angeles.
  2. They take refraction into consideration.
  3. The dates are in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.
  4. Today is a really noteworthy day.
  5. The December Solstice (also known as the Winter Solstice) will occur on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, at 7:59 a.m.

local time in Los Angeles.According to the length of daylight, this day is 4 hours, 32 minutes shorter than the June Solstice.

What time does December 24 2021 start and end in California?

The date is December 24, 2021. It is currently 1:17 p.m. in the America/Los Angeles timezone. Every day of December in Los Angeles has the same sunrise and sunset hours, civil twilight start and end times, as well as solar noon and day length. The first day of December in Los Angeles, California, is 10 hours and 5 minutes long, according to the local time.

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What time is golden hour in LA today?

Anaheim, California, United States – The sun’s position in the sky on February 22, 2022.

Time: Duration:
Zenith 12:05
Golden Hour 17:09 – 17:42 32 min.
Sunset 17:42
Civil twilight 17:42 – 18:07 25 min.

What time does it get dark in LA?

Los Angeles, California, United States — Today’s sunrise, sunset, and moon phases are as follows:

Current Time: Feb 22, 2022 at 11:38:42 pm
Sunset Today: 5:45 pm↑ 260° West
Moonrise Today: 1:25 am↑ 119° Southeast
Moonset Today: 11:26 am↑ 240° Southwest
Daylight Hours: 11 hours, 18 minutes (+2m 2s)

What is the longest day in California?

The June Solstice (also known as the Summer Solstice) will occur on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 2:13 a.m. local time in Los Angeles. In terms of daylight hours, this day is 4 hours, 32 minutes longer than the December Solstice, which occurs on December 21. The longest day of the year occurs around this time in most parts of the world north of the Equator.

How long after sunset does it get dark Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, California’s sunrise and sunset times are shown below.

Position of the Sun Time of Day Length of Day
Sunrise 4:44 A.M. 14 Hours 23 Minutes
Transit the sun reaches its highest point in the sky 11:56 A.M.
Sunset 7:08 P.M.
Civil Twilight Ends the sun’s center is 6° below the horizon 7:37 P.M.

What time is sunset in LA April?

The sun will shine in Los Angeles on April 2022.

2022 Sunrise/Sunset
Apr Sunrise Sunset
28 6:06 am ↑ 7:34 pm ↑
29 6:05 am ↑ 7:35 pm ↑
30 6:04 am ↑ 7:36 pm ↑

What time does the sunset in LA in April?

April 2020

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Date Sunrise Sunset
1 April 2020 06:40 19:13
2 April 2020 06:39 19:14
3 April 2020 06:37 19:14
4 April 2020 06:36 19:15

What is the latest sunset of the year in California?

Key sun stats

Latest sunset 19:22
Latest sunrise 07:24
Earliest sunset 16:15
Average cloud cover 33 %
Average sun hours per day 11:29

Where is sun right now?

The Sun is presently in the constellation of Aquarius, according to the zodiac.

What direction does the sunset in California?

At the fall equinox, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, creating a perfect circle. It continues on its southerly trip until, at the winter solstice, the Sun rises as far to the south as it has ever been and sets as far to the southwest as it has ever been, respectively.

What is the shortest day in California?

THE VALLEY OF VICTORY, Calif. (VVNG.com) – The winter solstice happened at 7:59 a.m. this morning, officially marking the beginning of winter in Southern California and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere for the first time ever. In addition, today, December 21, 2021, will be the shortest day of the year, with just 9 hours and 59 minutes of daylight available to you.

What month is usually the hottest in Los Angeles?

August is the warmest month of the year in Los Angeles, with an average high temperature of 84°F and a low temperature of 66°F. During the chilly season, which lasts for 3.9 months from November 26 to March 23, the average daily high temperature falls below 70°F on a daily basis.

What state has recent sunsets?

In the contiguous 48 states, Fortuna has the earliest sunset hour, which occurs several days after the summer solstice.

Fortuna, North Dakota
Coordinates: 48°54′40″N 103°46′27″WCoordinates: 48°54′40″N 103°46′27″W
Country United States of America
State North Dakota
County Divide
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Is Twilight same as dawn?

The term ‘dawn’ is used to refer to the beginning of morning twilight, which occurs at the beginning of the day. Dusk is defined as the interval of twilight between full darkness and daybreak in technical terms (or sunset). Dawn is commonly used to refer to the beginning of the day, whereas ‘dusk’ is only used to refer to the beginning of the evening twilight.

What time is sunset in Southern California tonight?

Sun rise and set times, as well as day duration in February 2022 for Southern California, California, USA

Current Time: Feb 17, 2022 at 11:40:28 am
Sun Distance: 91.884 million mi
Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2022 8:33 am (Vernal)
Sunrise Today: 6:29 am↑ 103° East
Sunset Today: 5:33 pm↑ 257° West

What time does Sunset start?

☼ The sunrise time is 7:21 a.m. Time of sunset: 05:01 p.m. Daylight saving time is 9:39 p.m. Sunrise and sunset are two important times of the day.

When is Sunset by ZIP code?

ZIP CODE FOR SUNSET (UT) Sunset is located in the ZIP code 84015. Sunset is a city in the city of Davis, Utah, which is located in the United States’ South Western area. UT’s capital city, Salt Lake City, is approximately 27 miles north-northwest of the university’s campus. Sunset has a population of 5122 people according to the most recent United States census. The time of day is sunset.

What time does the sun rise and set?

ZIP CODE: SUNSET (UT) Sundown is located inside Zip Code. A suburb of Davis, Utah, located in the United States’ South Western region, Sunset is a city in the Davis metropolitan area. Aproximate distance from Utah’s capital city, Salt Lake City, is 27 miles north-northwest. Sunset has a population of 5122 people according to the most recent US census. Sunset is the setting.

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