When Do Stores Reopen In Illinois?

GURNEE, Illinois: According to the Simon Property Group, on May 31 five major retail malls will reopen in the state of Illinois. Some of these shopping complexes are located in the suburbs of Chicago. In accordance with the five-step plan titled ″Restore Illinois,″ which Governor J.B. Pritzker presented on Tuesday, the state will have entered Phase 3 at that time.

What stores are open in Chicago on June 3?

  1. Friday marks the opening of Goodwill’s stores in the Chicago metropolitan region, and on June 3 they will debut in the city itself.
  2. On Friday, Dick’s Sporting Goods will also be opening a number of shops in suburban areas.
  3. On Saturday, Crate & Barrel will reopen all six of its Illinois locations that are located outside of the city.
  4. Currently, curbside pickup is available from the Chicago shop that is located in the Ranch Triangle area.

What is Phase 5 of reopening in Illinois?

On June 11, Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker placed the state into Phase 5 of reopening, which lifted capacity constraints. This change took effect immediately. Continue reading On April 6, the Republican governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, decided to repeal a statewide mask mandate and replace it with an advice.

How many customers can a retail store handle in Illinois?

According to the criteria in Illinois, stores are allowed to operate at a capacity that is half of their maximum, or five consumers per 1,000 square feet. In Chicago, the capacity of stores that are not considered essential will only be allowed to be filled to 25 percent of their total capacity.

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Which Oakbrook Center stores are open Friday?

  1. On Friday, the shopping centers of Oakbrook Center, Northbrook Court, and Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee, as well as Market Place Shopping Center in Champaign, will officially open their doors to the public.
  2. The hours of operation for each of the four malls are as follows: Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.
  3. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.
  4. The shorter hours will make it possible to perform further in-depth cleaning, according to Lindsay Kahn, a spokesman for Brookfield Properties.

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