where can i buy los angeles times newspaper?

Where can I get a copy of the LA Times?

The Los Angeles Times sells “hard” copies of the newspaper, going back 6 months, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Back issues do not include special sections, ads or inserts and all sales are final. If your order requires more than 15 copies, email the Reprints and Permissions department [email protected]latimes.com.

Where can I buy newspapers in Los Angeles?

Best newspaper stand in Los Angeles, CA

  • Century World News. 5.9 mi. 9 reviews.
  • Soto Street Magizines. 6.5 mi. 2 reviews.
  • Above The Fold Larchmont. 1.0 mi. 7 reviews.
  • Laurel Canyon News. 7.0 mi. 25 reviews.
  • Al’s Newsstand. 4.4 mi. 25 reviews.
  • Centerfold Newstand. 2.8 mi. 15 reviews.
  • National News and Magazines. 6.6 mi. 4 reviews.
  • The Daily Planet. 3.0 mi. 51 reviews.

Where can I buy local newspaper?

Where to Buy Newspapers: 29 Places (& Where You Can’t)

  • 7-Eleven.
  • Albertsons.
  • Barnes & Noble.
  • BP.
  • Circle K.
  • CITGO.
  • CVS.
  • Dollar General.

How much is an LA Times newspaper?

Support local journalism for just $1.99 a week.

Or enjoy L.A. Times daily for just $3.99 per week — an 81% savings. With these offers, you’ll also get Beverly Press or Park La Brea News delivered to your home every Thursday.

How do I contact the LA Times?

Please send your question to [email protected]latimes.com or call Customer Service at 1(800) 252-9141.

Where is the LA Times located?

Los Angeles Times, morning daily newspaper founded (1881) in Los Angeles that in the 1960s began to develop from a regional daily into one of the world’s great newspapers. The paper moved its headquarters to El Segundo, California, in 2018. Headquarters of the Los Angeles Times, El Segundo, California.

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Where can you get newspapers for free?

How to Get Free Newspapers in Bulk

  • Local newspaper office. Local newspaper offices are a great source for old papers.
  • Ask at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Check on Craigslist.
  • Ask at your local library.
  • Local colleges and schools.
  • Ask at airports.
  • Contact local hotels.
  • Search on OfferUp.

Does Walmart sell the newspaper?

‘ No, they’re not free and you must pay for them just as you would any other product that you would purchase in the store. They are for sale. But Walmart charges tax on theirs that is illegal and money they get to keep. There is no sales tax due on a newspaper, and charging someone tax when they buy one is illegal.

Can you buy newspapers at Starbucks?

Starbucks, no longer selling print newspapers in stores, now offering free digital access to several newspaper websites. After ceasing sales of print newspapers, Starbucks announced Tuesday that it will offer customers free digital access to several newspapers for a limited time.

How much does newspaper delivery cost?

How much does it cost to get my newpapers and magazines delivered to my home or office? You pay the cover price of the newspaper or magazine, plus a monthly Service Charge. The Service Charge will be agreed with you when you first contact us, but for most home deliveries it is currently from 45p per day.

Where can I buy the Sunday newspaper?

Here are the places where you can go to buy a Sunday paper on Monday.

  • Coffee Shops. This is your best bet when looking for newspapers after Sunday.
  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores.
  • Dollar Stores.
  • Grocery Stores.
  • Newspaper Vending Boxes.
  • Circulation Office.
  • Coffee shops.
  • Dollar stores.
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How do you get newspapers delivered to your house?

To get your favourite newspaper delivered to your door, you first need search to see if there’s a newsagent that will deliver to your address, then register with DeliverMyNewspaper.co.uk so we can send you your free delivery vouchers.

How do I cancel my subscription to the LA Times?

LA Times requires you to call in, go through an automated menu, wait on hold, then talk to a person… all to simply cancel your newspaper or digital subscription. You can call LA Times to cancel your subscription at 800-888-4637. Email [email protected]latimes.com and ask them to cancel your account.

How do I find old LA Times articles?

Los Angeles Times subscribers have full access to articles on the Los Angeles Times website. This includes most articles published since 1985, as well as a smaller number of older articles. Search the site directly or through search engines. You can also browse by year and month on our historical sitemap.

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