Where Is Ankeny Iowa?

The city of Ankeny may be found in the middle of Polk County’s north central region. It is bounded to the east by Interstate 35, and U.S. Route 69 passes directly through the middle of the town. The majority of the terrain in the city of Ankeny is dry, with just a few park ponds and streams located here and there.

What are the departments in Ankeny Iowa?

Departments The Development of the Ankeny Economy Communications between the City Clerk and the City Manager Fire Prevention and Community Development Finance Library of Information Technology Regarding Human Resources Utilities of the Municipality Parks and Recreation Police Department Billing for Public Works and Utilities Agendas and Minutes for the Mayor and City Council Bodies Such As Boards and Commissions The Municipal Budget The Municipal Code The Municipal News

What are the demographics of Ankeny Iowa?

The demographics of Ankeny 93.15% of the population is white. 2.51 percent of people identify with more than one race Asian: 2.40 percent 1.75 percent of the population is black or African American.

How do you pronounce Ankeny Iowa?

  1. The name Ankeny spelled phonetically AE-n-k-EE. anke-ny
  2. Meanings for Ankeny
  3. Uses of as examples in a sentence The Martinizing Dry Cleaning locations in Ankeny and Johnston, Iowa, have a new owner, the company has announced. John Deere slashes 600 jobs, including 110 in Ankeny.
  4. Ankeny in several translations. Japanese: ての空港を表示 一部の空港を表示 Russian: Ankeni

Is Ankeny Iowa a safe place to live?

The total crime rate in Ankeny is close to the national average, coming in at 14 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants. This places Ankeny’s crime rate in the same ballpark as the average for cities and towns of all sizes across the United States. Based on our examination of data provided by the FBI, the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime in Ankeny is one in seventy-four.

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Is Ankeny Iowa Nice?

Ankeny, which is located in Polk County, is often regarded as one of the premier residential areas in the state of Iowa.The majority of people who live in Ankeny are homeowners, which contributes to the city’s distinct suburban atmosphere.A great number of parks may be found in Ankeny.

  • Ankeny is home to a sizable number of families as well as young professionals, and its populace is generally of a conservative bent.

How many houses are in Ankeny Iowa?

Ankeny is home to 25,913 different residential units, the majority of which were constructed in the year 2003. Ankeny is home to 24,532 inhabited housing units, of which 73.71 percent are owned and occupied by their owners, and 26.29 percent are rented and occupied by renters.

Why is Ankeny growing?

″The foresight of our Mayor and City Council, the commitment of our staff, and the quality of those who choose to make Ankeny their home are the primary forces behind our continued growth.We anticipate that this will be the case long into the foreseeable future.Ankeny has been recognized by the United States Census Bureau as one of the cities with the quickest population growth for the past four years in a row.

How fast is Ankeny Iowa growing?

A total of 2,720 new people gave Ankeny a population boost of 4%. The addition of 475 new residents represents a growth rate of 4% in Norwalk. A total of 504 new inhabitants gave Johnston a 2.2 percent population boost.

How much are property taxes in Iowa?

The national average effective property tax rate is 1.07 percent, whereas Iowa’s statewide average effective property tax rate is 1.53 percent, which is much higher. As a direct consequence of this, Iowa’s effective rate is the eleventh highest in the whole country.

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How much are property taxes in Ankeny Iowa?

When compared to Iowa’s 15 most populated cities, the property tax rate that residents in Waterloo and the Waterloo school system are required to pay is the sixth highest in the state overall.

City Overall tax rate
Ankeny $43.11
Sioux City $ 42.85
Waterloo $ 42.69
Iowa City $ 40.75

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