Where Is Bolingbrook Illinois On The Map?

The community of Bolingbrook is located in Will and DuPage counties in the state of Illinois in the United States. It is a southwest suburb of Chicago. According to the census completed in the year 2020, the total population was 73,922. As of the year 2010, it was ranked as the 17th biggest incorporated place in the state of Illinois and was the 2nd largest village in the state.

What is the geography of Bolingbrook IL?

Description.In the U.S.state of Illinois, the county of Will and the county of DuPage both contain the sizable village of Bolingbrook.The population was counted as 73,366 at the census taken in the United States in 2010.

  • It is the seventeenth most populous incorporated place in the state of Illinois.
  • The coordinates for Bolingbrook are 41 degrees 41 minutes 55 seconds north, 88 degrees 5 minutes 19 seconds west (41.698613, -88.08861).

How common are tornadoes in the Bolingbrook area?

The historical tornado activity in the Bolingbrook region is somewhat comparable to the average for Illinois.It is 55 percent higher than the average for the whole of the United States.On August 28, 1990, a category F5 tornado (with wind speeds of 261-318 mph) touched down 12.4 miles distant from the village center of Bolingbrook.This tornado inflicted between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages and took the lives of 29 people and wounded 350 others.

Is Bolingbrook a rich neighborhood?

In addition to Bolingbrook and Evanston, Arlington Heights and Palatine made the list of the top one hundred cities in the United States. The city of Naperville, Illinois, is among the top 20 richest communities in the Midwest.

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Is Bolingbrook a good neighborhood?

Bolingbrook, Illinois is a highly safe location to live compared to its neighboring city of Chicago, which has a high crime rate and a rate of violent crime that is 164 percent higher than the national average. The overall crime rate in Bolingbrook is sixty four percent lower than the average for the United States and sixty percent lower than the average for the state of Illinois.

What is Bolingbrook Illinois known for?

The community is considered to be properly designed with a focus on family values and is located in the municipality, which is a suburb of Chicago. Bolingbrook is situated in close proximity to a large number of recreational amenities, high-caliber golf courses, entertainment, nightlife, and dining options that are found in the Chicago metropolitan region.

Is Bolingbrook expensive?

Although house prices in Bolingbrook do not compare to those of the most expensive real estate in the United States, the real estate in Bolingbrook is among the most costly in the state of Illinois.

What is the crime rate in Bolingbrook Il?

In 2018, the crime rate in Bolingbrook, Illinois was 148.44 per 100,000 residents, which is a decrease of 20.81 percent compared to 2017.The crime rate in Bolingbrook, Illinois, for 2017 was 187.44 per 100,000 residents, representing an 11.65 percent decrease from 2016’s figure.The annual crime rate of Bolingbrook, Illinois, was 212.16 per 100,000 residents in 2016, representing a 16 percent increase from 2015.

Is Bolingbrook diverse?

In Bolingbrook, Illinois, the five largest racial and ethnic groups are as follows: White (Non-Hispanic) (41.4 percent of the population), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (17.8 percent), Other (Hispanic) (13.8 percent), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (11.4 percent), and White (Hispanic) (11.4 percent) (9.61 percent ).

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Is Plainfield IL a good place to raise a family?

Will County is home to Plainfield, which is often regarded as one of the premier residential areas in the state of Illinois.Living in Plainfield provides inhabitants with a feeling of living in a modest suburban community, and the majority of individuals own their own houses.A great number of parks can be found in Plainfield.Plainfield is home to a sizable number of young families as well as young professionals, most of whom hold conservative political views.

Why is Bolingbrook called Bolingbrook?

The Anglo-Saxon people of Britain are responsible for giving the area its current name, Bolingbrook. The fact that they once resided in the Bolingbrooke parish is whence the name originated. The name ″Bolinbroc″ comes from the Old English word ″Blingbroc,″ which directly translates to ″brook connected with a bull.″ This location has been documented as early as the Domesday Book.

Where was Old Chicago located?

Old Chicago was a retail mall and indoor amusement park that was located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a suburb of southwest Chicago, from 1975 to 1980. Old Chicago was open for business during those years. It was advertised as ″The world’s first indoor amusement park,″ and it was designed to attract customers throughout the whole year, regardless of the weather.

What county is Bolingbrook Illinois in?

The community of Bolingbrook is located in Will and DuPage counties in the state of Illinois in the United States.It is a southwest suburb of Chicago.The population was counted as 73,366 at the census taken in the United States in 2010.Bolingbrook, Illinois.

  • Counties located in the Bolingbrook state of Illinois Will, in the Township of DuPage Plainfield, Wheatland, DuPage, and Wheatland Counties On October 6, 1965, the company was incorporated.
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How many people live in Bolingbrook, IL?

According to our calculations and the most recent estimates provided by the US Census, the current population of Bolingbrook, Illinois is 73,549 people. The population was estimated to be 75,043 by the United States Census in 2018. The population was counted as 73,366 at the most recent official census, which was carried out in 2010. Bolingbrook, Illinois Population 2021

Where is Bolingbrook Illinois?

On Saturday, February 5, the event will be held at the Bolingbrook Recreational Aquatic Center from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time. The address of the facility is 200 Lindsey Ln.

What counties are in Northern Illinois?

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