Where Is Kingman, Indiana?

Kingman is a town in Fountain County, Indiana, in the United States. It is located in Millcreek Township. At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 511. The first post office in Kingman opened its doors in 1886. It wasn’t until 1900 that Kingman was formally established as a town, after which it was combined with the neighbouring competitor community of Fountainville.

What is the population of Kingman Indiana?

At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 511.Located at 39°58′2′′N 87°16′43′′W / 39.96722°N 87.27861°W / 39.96722; -87.27861 (39.967143, -87.278601), Kingman is about 2 miles west of U.S.Route 41 on Indiana State Road 234 and Indiana State Road 234A.

It is estimated that the town has a total land area of 0.8 square miles (2.1 km2), all of which is land according to the United States Census Bureau.

How do I contact the town hall of Kingman?

The following table contains information on the city’s size, population, and other important characteristics.The Kingman Town Hall is located at the address and hours listed on this page.For all of your administrative procedures, you can visit the Town Hall in person at the location and hours listed on this page or contact Customer Service by phone or email depending on your preference or availability of the service.

N.MARKET ST., 102 N.

How many banks are there in Kingman AZ?

In Kingman, there are two banking institutions. In Kingman, The Fountain Trust Company is the most well-known financial institution, having one branch office, followed by CentreBank, which has one branch office.

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What township is Covington Indiana?

Covington is a city in and the county seat of Fountain County in the state of Indiana, in the United States of America. At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 2,645 people. Covington, Indiana is a city in the state of Indiana.

Country United States
State Indiana
County Fountain
Township Troy

Is there an Attica Indiana?

Attica is a city in the Indiana state of the United States, located in Logan Township in Fountain County.

When was Covington founded?

Newtonsboro was the name given to Covington when it was established in 1822. The name of the town was changed a few months later to commemorate Leonard Covington, a general in the War of 1812 who was born in the area (1812-15). When Covington was formed as a town in 1822, it was later elevated to the status of a city in 1854.

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