Where Is Louisburg, Kansas?

In the U.S.state of Kansas, the town of Louisburg may be found in Miami County.The population of the city was 4,315 according to the census completed in 2010.Before the start of the Civil War in the United States, a portion of the area that is now known as Louisburg was set aside as a reservation for members of the many Native American tribes who were giving up their ancestral territories in the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Where is Louisburg WV located?

The coordinates of Louisburg are 38°37′11′′ North and 94°40′45′′ West (38.619751, -94.679050). The city has a total area of 6.12 square miles (15.85 km 2), of which 5.57 square miles (14.43 km 2) are land and 0.55 square miles (1.42 km 2) are water, according to the United States Census Bureau.

What is the history of Louisburg Missouri?

Before the start of the American Civil War, the territory that is today known as Louisburg was a part of an area that was set aside as a home for Native Americans from a variety of tribes who had to give up their ancestral territories in the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Is Louisburg KS a good place to live?

It has a sense of community, which is something that is difficult to find in larger towns. The convenience of being able to drive into the city to go to places like the mall or hang out with friends is one of the many positive aspects of this location. In addition to this, it offers the comfort of having its very own grocery shop. This neighborhood is known for its warm and welcoming vibe.

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Is Louisburg a city?

Franklin County, North Carolina, in the United States of America, is home to the town of Louisburg. There were 3,064 people living in the town according to the census completed in 2020.

What is Louisburg?

SHOW IPA. / ˈlu ɪsˌbɜrg / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a seaport located on the southeast coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, in the southeast of Canada: British forces took control of the French citadel in 1745 and again in 1758.

Who is the mayor of Louisburg?

After having been the council representative for Ward 2 for a period of two years prior to the election in November 2021, Donna Cook was successfully elected to the position of mayor.She has lived in Louisburg her entire life and is the current proprietor of Rabbit Creek Tasteful Gourmet, also located in Louisburg.Her hobbies include gardening and the creation of yard art out of metal and wood for her own yard.Ms.

What division is Louisburg College?

Depending on the team, Louisburg competes in the NJCAA in one of many different categories.

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