Cable Committee

Contact Information

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  (508) 476-4000 x222

Address:  29 Depot Street, Douglas, MA 01516

About the Douglas Cable Advisory Committee

The Douglas Cable Advisory Committee is responsible for the Public Access and Government channels broadcast through the town’s cable TV system, operated by Charter Communications. We also act as the primary interface between the town and Charter on issues relating to the contract the town has with Charter. We also offer free video production classes to Douglas residents.

The committee members are:

  • Tom Devlin, Chair
  • Bob Werme, Vice Chair
  • Christopher Menn
  • TWO VACANCIES – Application form

Go directly to the Online Programming page to watch archived government meetings, or read below for more information on this initiative.

Mission Statement

To inform and educate the residents of Douglas by

  • The recording and broadcast of local government meetings
  • Fostering the production of local events of special interest
  • Develop and enforce cable licenses in the best interest of the community
  • Make available video production technology and training to the public
  • Provide cable broadcast access to every Douglas resident

Charge to the Douglas Cable Advisory Committee

The Douglas Cable Advisory Committee shall consist of at most seven members, each serving three year terms on a rotating basis.  The Douglas Board of Selectmen shall have sole appointing and oversight authority of the Douglas Cable Advisory Committee.

The Douglas Cable Advisory Committee is charged with the following:

  1. To negotiate the Town’s license(s) with any Cable or similar telecommunication providers, providing however that the Board of Selectmen shall be the official Issuing Authority for all such licenses.
  2. To monitor compliance with all such licenses, providing however that any vote of noncompliance or termination be subject to ratification by the Douglas Board of Selectmen.
  3. To manage the town’s “PEG” channels, with the exception of the Education channel, which is to be operated by the School Department in cooperation with the Cable Advisory Committee.
  4. To manage any studio and office space made available by Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen and/or the Executive Administrator.
  5. To receive and account for all funds as per all contracts, State and/or Federal laws, and Town Bylaws.
  6. To create and enforce policies and procedures in accordance with its operations, with all policies and procedures subject to public review for a period of no less than twenty-one days from first Committee discussion to Committee vote.  Included shall be a well-defined procedure for grievances.
  7. Policies and procedures of an emergency nature may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote.  All emergency policies and procedures must be reported with explanation to the Board of Selectmen within seven days, and will expire unless ratified within sixty days.
  8. To budget for and expend funds for staffing, equipment, supplies, and other needs related to its operations.
  9. To establish job descriptions for and retain the services of regular employees, both subject to ratification by the Board of Selectmen.
  10. To provide stipends to certain volunteers by vote and/or policy, upon approval of these policies by the Board of Selectmen.
  11. To periodically report to the Board of Selectmen on issues of a significant nature and/or make recommendations related to its operations.
  12. To record and broadcast all regular meetings of the Board of Selectmen and any other Board or Committee meetings or special events as assigned by Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen, and/or the Executive Administrator, subject to the availability of staffing and resources.
  13. To aid all Town Boards and Committees in the recording and broadcasting of meetings and events upon request, subject to the availability of staffing and resources.
  14. To offer training and assistance to Town residents and employees in the use of its equipment in accordance to related policies and subject to the availability of staffing and resources.
  15. Staffing and resources shall be allocated equitably and without discrimination.
  16. To broadcast provided programming in accordance to related policies.
  17. To inform the public of its available services and facilities and to encourage their use.


Contract (License) with Charter Communications

The current license with Charter Communications began November, 2013 and ends November, 2023. The license (available here as PDF) provides Charter the authorization to offer Cable Television service in the Town of Douglas.  Our prior license (2003-2013) is also avaliable.

Our license with Charter is non-exclusive. We maintain interest in competitive Cable Television services in the Town of Douglas. We have reached out to Verizon on multiple occasions and are hopeful that in time they or other qualified companies will add to the options available to town residents and businesses.

The license is governed primarily by the Federal Cable Act of 1984. Under this Act and through the license, Charter provides the Town of Douglas money to operate the Public Access and Government stations. The Cable Act does not provide the Cable Committee authority over the cost of Cable Television nor any formal involvement in Internet or Telephone services.

Policy Development

With the enactment of the new charge, the Cable Advisory Committee has been given the authority and directive to create and enforce policies and procedures regarding its operations. These policies are available here. As part of our process we are reviewing the policies and procedures of many other cities and towns in Massachusetts. A large collection of these have been placed on the Policy Development page.

Online Video

We have implemented the distribution of online video, via the town’s web site. This leverages our digital recording and editing equipment, purchased with a grant from Charter. The purpose is to enhance viewership by providing all residents and other interested parties the opportunity to view meetings or other programming via any high-speed internet connection. It also provides an “on-demand” capability to watch the program on your own schedule. To view programming online, please view our Online Video page.

If you are curious as to how the video is produced, please read our equipment page.

Bulletin Board

The Cable Advisory Committee maintains the Bulletin Board seen on cable channel 191. Please see our Bulletin Board Request Form page for more information. The Bulletin Board can also be viewed online.

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