Strategic Budget Committee

Develop model for a 5 year sustainable budget.  The model budget should include strategies for cost reductions, recommendations for the use of new growth revenue, plans to fully fund the capital plan, and recommendations for the use of one-time revenues

Analyze past 5 year budget cycles
Project revenue and expenses for next 5 years, with supportable assumptions
Identify policy discussions which must occur (ie. funding of Enterprise Water/Sewer, Ambulance Revolver, Capital Funding, and areas for potential regional services.

6 Member Board – Representatives from BOS, Finance Committee, Capital Committee, School Committee, and one (1) Citizen at Large
Ex-Officio Members – Town Administrator, Supt. of Schools, School Business Manager, Town Finance Director

Argall, Brett              FinCom Rep.
Cortese, David        Chair – Citizen at Large
Guzinski, Michael   Town Administrator – Ex-Officio
Holmes, Pamela     FinCom Rep.
Hughes, Michael     BOS Rep.
Keegan, Cortney    School Business & Operations Mgr – Ex-Officio
Lovett, Jeanne        Finance Director – Ex-Officio
Satori, James         Citizen at Large
Yvon, Norm             School Superintendent – Ex-Officio
Zetlan, Sherry        School Committee Rep.

Presentation video at the Middle School Auditorium, September 29, 2015.

Presentation video during the Strategic Budget Committee, September 15, 2015.

  • Five Year Financial Forecast Presentation
  • Strategic Budget Committee Recommendations – 10/15/15