Board of Health

Transfer Station permits now on sale at the Board of Health office (September 1, 2018 – March 1, 2019)

$50  (age 65 and over)
Cash or Check ONLY
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A Board of Health is a statutory board created pursuant to the Mass. General Law C. 111, s26 and C. 41, s1.  The Douglas Board of Health consists of five (5) members who are appointed by the Selectmen.  Each member serves a three (3) year term.  The Board of Health each year appoints a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Health Agent, Public Health Nurse, Administrative Supervisor, Animal Inspector, Sanitarian and Engineer.  The Board meets regularly on a monthly basis in the Health Department office.  All meetings are open to the general public and are televised on the local cable station.

The Board is charged with the protection of the publc health and to fulfill their duties by developing, implementing and enforcing health policies which are developed through Federal, State and local regulations.  Local regulations can be found on the left side of this page listed under Board of Health Local Regulations.

Some of the duties of the Board of Health include:

  • Title 5 – septic system installations and repairs
  • Housing Inspections
  • Solid waste and recycling
  • Flu Clinics
  • Rabies
  • Food Service
  • Water testing at public and semi-public bathing beaches
  • Recreational camping including Children’s camps
  • Commercial swimming pools

The Board members are:

Steven Donatelli, Chairman
Robert Brazeau, Vice-Chairman
Cory Howard, Agent
Joseph Yacino
Richard Skinner

The Staff includes:

James F. Malley, Jr., PE, Board of Health Engineer
Agnieszka Podstawka, RN, Public Health Nurse
Kristin Harris, Administrative Assistant
Steven Garabedian, Sanitarian
Maurice Guilbault, Animal Inspector
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