How Big Is Raccoon Lake Indiana?

Description: Raccoon Lake was built in 1942 to serve as a water storage reservoir for the city of Centralia, Illinois. With a surface area of 970 acres and a maximum depth of 17 feet, Raccoon Lake is the largest lake in the area. Its mean depth is 3.9 feet. The lake has a total coastline length of 16.4 miles.

What is the largest lake in Indiana?

Lake Monroe is a reservoir located about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Bloomington, Indiana, United States. The lake is the biggest totally situated in Indiana with 10,750 acres (43.5 km 2) of water surface area split throughout the counties of Monroe and Brown.

Is it safe to swim in Racoon Lake?

Camping and day use areas are available at this location.BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: The beach at RACCOON SRA (CECIL M.HARDEN LAKE) is now at the ADVISORY alert level due to the presence of blue-green algae.Swimming and boating are allowed on the lake.

Avoid coming into touch with algae.Swimming should be done with caution to avoid ingesting water.After coming into touch with lake water, take a warm soapy wash or shower to remove the toxins.

What is Big Raccoon Creek known for?

The upper portion of Big Raccoon Creek is bordered by native woodland and massive rock outcrops. Because of the damming of the creek for flood control purposes, Cecil M. Harden Lake was created. In addition, the lake provides recreational opportunities, wildlife management, and economic advantages. On the land, visitors may see a wide range of fish, plants, and animals.

How tall is a raccoon?

Front paw with noticeable vibrissae on the tips of the digits on lower side of front paw. Raccoons are between 40 and 70 cm (16 and 28 in) in length from head to hindquarters, not counting the bushy tail, which can be between 20 and 40 cm (8 and 16 in) in length but is seldom more than 25 cm in length (10 in). In between 23 and 30 cm is the height of the shoulder blades (9 and 12 in).

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What’s the deepest part of Raccoon Lake?

A 100 percent possibility of occurrence of this level is present on a yearly basis. There are 24 feet of water on average, with the deepest point near the dam being around 70 feet deep. The ramps at Hollandsburg and Mansfield have been closed. Raccoon Lake is a 72-acre private lake located in the unincorporated community of Orange, California.

How many acres is Cecil M Harden?

In the downstream watersheds downstream from the dam, especially those of Big Raccoon Creek and Lower Wabash River, the 2,110-acre lake helps to reduce floodwaters. From Boone County, Indiana, the lake drains a drainage area of 216 square miles before emptying into Lake Michigan. Cecil M. (Cecil M.)

Can you swim at Racoon lake?

BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: The beach at RACCOON SRA (CECIL M. HARDEN LAKE) is now at the ADVISORY alert level due to the presence of blue-green algae. Swimming and boating are allowed on the lake.

Why is it called Raccoon Lake?

US 36 used to cross through the flood-prone area on either side of Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, but it was decommissioned in 2011. The United States Army Corps of Engineers made the decision to manage floods, and between 1956 and 1960, they constructed what is widely known as Raccoon Lake.

Is Raccoon Lake good for fishing?

The lake is available for fishing throughout the year. Coldwater species, such as brown and rainbow trout, are supplied in the lake and can be found in feeder streams as well as in the lake itself. This activity or structure is accessible to people with disabilities. On Raccoon Lake, near the shore, there is a fishing peninsula that is accessible to people with disabilities.

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Why is Racoon lake empty?

″The goal of the drawdown is to boost the lake’s water storage capacity so that it is capable of storing any meltwater from winter-time showers or snowfall,″ according to the statement. Because to the low lake levels, there will be no flooding in the spring.

What is the water temperature of Raccoon Lake?

The water temperature at the surface averages 88 degrees.

How much does it cost to camp at Raccoon Lake?

Standard Rates

Sun – Wed Holiday Weekends
Full Hookup $30 $44
Electric $23 $33
Non-Electric $16 $22
Primitive $12 $12

Can you kayak on Raccoon Lake?

Raccoon Lake is number seven. It may also be a wonderful site for bass fishing, if the conditions are right. There are a few locations where you may launch your kayak, including Walker Boat Ramp on the lake’s northeastern sides, which provides parking and washroom facilities. Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area, where kayak rentals are offered, is another option for launching your boat.

Are pets allowed at Raccoon Lake?

Yes, however they must be attended at all times and kept on a leash.

Is lake Monroe open for swimming?

Beaching. Monroe Lake is home to three public beaches that are open to the public. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, you may cool down in the sea or soak up some rays on the beaches at Fairfax State Recreation Area (SRA), Paynetown State Recreation Area (SRA), and Hardin Ridge Recreation Area (Hardin Ridge RA).

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