How Do I Pay Illinois Tolls?

To pay tolls on Illinois Tollway highways, you either use an electronic I-PASS badge or cash to make your payment. If you travel through an unattended cash plaza or an all-electronic toll plaza, you may be able to make a payment later online. The I-Pass allows you to save up to 50% on tolls and other fees. When it comes to unpaid tolls, you get a 14-day grace period.

How do I pay Illinois iPass unpaid tolls?

800-824-7277 Plate Make a payment online or by mail.Pay By Plate – An Introduction Pay By Plate is an acronym that stands for Pay By Plate.Pay By Plate Mechanics is a payment system for plate mechanics.Pay By Plate by Design Pay By Plate – on the Fly Pay By Plate – on the Fly For further information, visit the Illinois Tollway’s Unpaid Tolls page on their website.

I received a violation warning for unpaid tolls on my Illinois IPass account.

What is the best way to pay tolls?

In addition to the I-PASS and E-ZPass toll payment systems, Pay By Plate is based on the I-PASS payment platform, providing you with a variety of payment alternatives while also guaranteeing you avoid costly penalties and fees. All of this is accomplished without the need of a transponder or other device.

How long does it take for Illinois Tollway to process tolls?

For tolls, the Illinois Tollway will charge your credit card at the current cash rate. If you use the Tollway, you must keep a valid credit card on file until the tolls have been properly processed, which may take up to 30 days after the tolls are paid. The Pay By Plate service is no longer available when the credit card has been removed.

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How to pay tolls on the Chicago Skyway Bridge?

To pay tolls on the Chicago Skyway bridge and other toll highways in and around the city, you can use the E-ZPass or I-PASS transponders, cash, or major credit cards.What is the cost of tolls in Illinois?The fee varies depending on the toll road, the kind of vehicle used, and the time of day you travel.Please go to the Illinois Tollway website for further information on tolling fees and rates.

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