How Far Is Birmingham Alabama From Atlanta Georgia?

What is the distance between Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia? The driving distance between the two locations is 147 miles, and the air distance is 140 miles. DISTANCE CALCULATOR From Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL, the driving distance is about 147 miles. The driving distance is 237 kilometers. Follow the I-20 W from Atlanta to Birmingham, Alabama, for the driving route.

What city is halfway between Atlanta and Birmingham?

The greatest city to meet in between Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL is Anniston, Alabama, which is around 14 miles from the precise halfway of the two cities’ respective routes. Belltown, Alabama, is the town that serves as the exact midway point on the route between New York and Los Angeles.

How much is a bus ticket from Atlanta GA to Birmingham AL?

Information about this bus route may be found here.

Daily Buses 4
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures 12:40AM – 9:50PM
Minimum Price $24
Average Ticket Price $33
Minimum Trip Duration 1h30m

Is Atlanta Georgia bigger than Birmingham Alabama?

Of course, there is no rivalry at the moment: the population of metropolitan Birmingham is around 1.2 million, whereas the population of Atlanta is over 5.5 million.

How long is Birmingham AL to Georgia?

2 hours, 11 minutes

City: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel SEARCH

What cities are between Birmingham AL and Atlanta GA?

  1. East Point is a collection of cities located between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Georgia’s share is one percent.
  2. Forrest Park, Georgia (4% of the population)
  3. Mableton, Georgia has a 5 percent population
  4. Douglasville, Georgia has an 11 percent unemployment rate.
  5. Villa Rica is a town in Costa Rica. Georgia 30 miles equals 21 percent. 27 minutes are allotted.
  6. 36 minutes for Temple vs. Georgia
  7. 27 percent for Georgia
  8. Mandeville. Georgia receives 30% of the vote.
  9. Jake. Georgia has a 33 percent chance of winning.
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What city is between Georgia and Alabama?

West Point, Georgia is the city that lies at the geographic midpoint between Georgia and Alabama in terms of distance.

How much is Atlanta to Alabama?

For a one-way trip from Atlanta to Birmingham, Alabama, the average price is $556 per person. For a round-trip ticket from Atlanta to Birmingham, Alabama, the average price is $251.

Why did Delta choose Atlanta?

The Atlanta airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, is the busiest in the world, and it serves as a vital link between the city and the rest of the country. According to Kaplan, ‘Atlanta has become what it is today as a result of that aviation hub. Delta employs 33,000 people in Georgia and provides $43.5 billion to the state’s economy on an annual basis, according to the company.

Why is Atlanta Such a hub?

For many years, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was the busiest airport in the world (in terms of passenger numbers). The strategic position of the airport, as well as its function as the primary hub for one of the world’s leading airlines, combine to make it the busiest airport in the world.

How did Atlanta become a big city?

Atlanta’s population increased in tandem with the expansion and diversification of the city’s economy. Over 20,000 individuals migrated to the city between 1865 and 1867, and the population had increased to almost 90,000 by 1900. Atlanta has grown to become the most populous city in the state and the third most populous city in the Southeast.

How far is Alabama border from Atlanta?

198 miles / 319 km.

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How long is Atlanta to Georgia?

250 kilometers and 324 meters / 155.5 miles is the distance traveled by car. Distance in straight line: 224 kilometers and 200 meters / 139.3 miles Time required for travel: 5 hours and 0 minutes. The following is the direction and bearing: south east side, 141 degrees.

Is Atlanta close to Alabama?

The entire travel distance between Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia is 198 miles or 319 kilometers (one way).

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