How Far Is Bloomington Indiana From Indianapolis Indiana?

Driving from Indianapolis, Indiana to Bloomington, Indiana covers a distance of 51 miles (or 82 kilometers) in its entirety. Your journey will start in the city of Indianapolis, located in Indiana. It concludes at Bloomington, which is located in Indiana.

How many miles is it from Indianapolis Indiana from Bloomington Indiana?

Driving from Bloomington, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana covers a distance of 51 miles (or 82 kilometers) in its entirety.

What is halfway between Indianapolis and Bloomington Indiana?

Indiana city located almost equidistant between Indianapolis and Bloomington Stines Mill Corner, located in Indiana, is the community that precisely embodies the concept of the midway point. 46158 is the zip code that is located the closest to the exact center. The precise coordinates of the location are 39 degrees 27 minutes 49 seconds north and 86 degrees 22 minutes 27 seconds west.

How far is Bloomington from Nashville?

Driving from Bloomington, Indiana to Nashville, Indiana covers a distance of 19 miles, which is equal to 31 kilometers. Your journey starts in Bloomington, Indiana, in the United States. It finishes at the city of Nashville in Indiana.

How long does it usually take to travel from Indianapolis to Bloomington?

Instructions for drivers wishing to go from Indianapolis to Bloomington The two locations are separated by a distance of 270 kilometers. Getting to Bloomington will take you around three hours of travel time.

Does Bloomington Indiana have an airport?

Monroe County Airport is a county-owned public-use airport that is located four nautical miles (or seven kilometers) southwest of the central business district of Bloomington, which is a city in Monroe County, Indiana, in the United States. The airport’s IATA code is BMG, its ICAO code is KBMG, and its FAA LID is BMG.

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How far is Indianapolis from me by plane?

2 hours, 20 minutes

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Where is Little Nashville Indiana?

Little Nashville, in the state of Indiana. Numerous lovers of country music refer to Nashville, Indiana, sometimes known as ″Little Nashville,″ which is situated in the lovely Brown County of Indiana and is only one hour south of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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