How Far Is Carrollton, Georgia From Atlanta Georgia?

  • The entire driving distance between Carrollton, GA and Atlanta, GA is 50 miles or 80 kilometers (depending on your vehicle).
  • Your journey begins in the Georgia town of Carrollton.
  • It comes to a close in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It is possible that you may want to calculate the entire driving time from Carrollton, GA to Atlanta, GA so that you can see when you will arrive at your destination if you are planning a road trip from Carrollton to Atlanta.

Is Carrollton GA a suburb of Atlanta?

Carrollton Evaluations Carrollton is a city in the state of Georgia, located approximately 45 minutes west of Atlanta. In addition to having the typical feel of a little town, which is something Bruce Springsteen sings about in so many of his songs, it also has a strong sense of belonging.

Is Carrollton considered metro Atlanta?

In the northwest part of Georgia, Carrollton is a city located approximately 45 miles (72 kilometers) west of Atlanta, near the Alabama state boundary. In addition to serving as the county seat of Carroll County, it is also a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

How far is is Atlanta to Carrollton GA?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 41.28 mi 66.44 km
Driving distance 48 mi 76.53 km

What city is closest to Carrollton Georgia?

  1. Villa Rica, Georgia is a city in the vicinity of Carrollton, Georgia.
  2. Newnan, Georgia
  3. Douglasville, Georgia (GA)
  4. Dallas, Georgia
  5. Lithia Springs, Georgia is a town in the state of Georgia.
  6. Fairburn, Georgia
  7. Powder Springs, Georgia is a town in the United States of America.
  8. Austell, Georgia is a city in the United States.
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Is Carrollton GA a safe place to live?

As measured by a crime rate of 42 per thousand population, Carrollton is among the most violent cities in America when compared to all other communities of all sizes, ranging from the tiniest settlements to the most populous metropolitan areas. The likelihood of being a victim of either violent or property crime in this area is one in every twenty-four.

Does it snow in Carrollton Georgia?

Carrollton, Georgia receives an average of 52 inches of precipitation per year. The average annual rainfall in the United States is 38 inches. Carrollton receives an average of one inch of snow each year. The average amount of snowfall in the United States is 28 inches per year.

What is Carrollton known for?

Carrollton is home to a slew of major corporations and industries. Dallas is well-known as a hub for telecommunications and industry. It has even been called the ″Silicon Prairie″ because of the high concentration of computers in the area. However, manufacturing and telecommunications aren’t the only businesses that thrive in this region.

Is Carrollton Ga Rural?

In 2019, the population is 27,259 people (99 percent urban, 1 percent rural). 30116 and 30118 are zip codes in Atlanta.

What is the largest city in Atlanta?

Georgia’s ten largest cities are shown below.

Rank Name 2010 Census
1 Atlanta 429,410
2 Columbus 191,101
3 Augusta 196,375
4 Macon 155,814

Which is the richest county in Georgia?

Georgia counties are rated according to their per capita income.

Rank County Per capita income
1 Forsyth $37,211
2 Fulton $35,385
3 Fayette $35,076
4 Oconee $34,271
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What is the crime rate in Carrollton GA?

  • The crime rate in Carrollton, Georgia, in 2018 was 588.47 per 100,000 people, representing an 8.63 percent increase over the previous year.
  • The crime rate in Carrollton, Georgia, in 2017 was 541.72 per 100,000 people, representing a 4.39 percent increase over the previous year.
  • In 2016, the crime rate in Carrollton, Georgia was 518.93 per 100,000 people, representing a 9.86 percent increase over the previous year.

What is the closest city to Carrollton?

  1. Major cities in the vicinity of Carrollton, TX
  2. Plano, TX is 11 miles away.
  3. Dallas, Texas is 15 miles away.
  4. Garland, Texas is 15 miles away.
  5. Arlington, Texas is 21 miles away.
  6. Fort Worth, Texas is 30 miles away.
  7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is 176 miles away.
  8. Austin, Texas is 194 miles away.
  9. Tulsa, Oklahoma is 226 miles away.

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