How Far Is Lewes Delaware From Wilmington Delaware?

The distance between Lewes and Wilmington is 70.00 miles (140.01 kilometers) in a northwest direction and 87 miles (140.01 kilometers) by automobile if you use the DE 1 Toll Route. If you drive non-stop, the distance between Lewes and Wilmington is 1 hour 35 minutes. Route from Lewes, DE to Wilmington, DE is the shortest route available. Dover, Delaware is the halfway point.

What is Lewes DE known for?

It is here that you will discover miles and miles of magnificent beaches, as well as nature paths and bird sanctuaries. Lewes is a town that is best explored on foot. It is possible to discover the Historic District, museums, several inns and bed and breakfasts, good restaurants, and a range of fine stores in less than half a square mile.

How far is Lewes Delaware from the beach?

There are 8 miles or 13 kilometers between Lewes, DE and Rehoboth Beach, DE in the entire travel distance. Your journey begins in the Delaware town of Lewes.

Why is Wilmington Delaware important?

When the Christina River and Brandywine Creek meet the Delaware River, Wilmington, Delaware, the state capital, and seat of New Castle county, is the largest city in Delaware and the county seat of New Castle county. It serves as the state’s industrial, financial, and economic hub, as well as its primary port.

Is it Lewes or Lewes Delaware?

Founded by the Dutch in 1631, Lewes (pronounced lew-iss) is a tiny town in Delaware’s Cape Region that dates all the way back to the year 1631.

Is Lewes Delaware worth visiting?

The oldest town in the oldest state in the United States Even if you aren’t intending on taking advantage of Delaware’s beaches, a visit to Lewes is a worthwhile excursion in any season. It is surrounded on one side by Cape Henlopen State Park, which is located where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, and on the other by a national wildlife refuge.

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Can you swim at Lewes beach?

Swimming, fishing, boating, and a variety of other water sports are available on and around the bay and ocean beaches in and around Lewes, Delaware. Savannah Beach (previously known as Beach 1) and Johnnie Walker Beach (formerly known as Beach 2), both of which are located off of Cape Henlopen Drive, provide guarded swimming from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting.

Is Lewes Beach the ocean or bay?

In general, we had a good time at Lewes Beach during our visits. Because it is a bay beach, there are few to no waves here. Although a severe storm was forecast for the day, the waves were quite small. Families with little children can feel secure in this location.

Does Lewes have a boardwalk?

From Lewes to Fenwick Island, there are a plethora of sights and activities for visitors to choose from. There is nothing more traditional than a boardwalk in every seaside town or city. These boardwalks may be the ideal location for family fun, ocean-front eating, and a variety of other activities.

Is Lewes Delaware nice?

  1. It is close to the seaside and has some interesting historical locations as well.
  2. A close-knit community that is a good environment to raise a family or settle down permanently.
  3. I enjoy that Lewes has many historic sites while still being close to state parks, the bay, and the ocean, as well as numerous wonderful restaurants, which is something I like.

Lewes is a charming coastal town with a lot to offer.

What is Wilmington Delaware nickname?

In a 2014 article on, the city of Wilmington was called ″Murder Town, USA.″ The next year, ABC announced a drama series based in Wilmington with the same title, which attracted immediate condemnation from a wide range of groups. In addition, several well-known nicknames have become tainted.

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What is the nickname of Delaware?

The state of North Carolina is known as the Blue Hen State. The Diamond State is a state in the United States that is known for its diamonds. The First State is a state in the United States of America. It’s a Small Wonder, but it’s a Big Deal.

Who owns Wilmington Delaware?

The Port of Wilmington is located in the state of North Carolina (Delaware)

Port of Wilmington
Owned by Diamond State Port Corporation
Land area 308 acres (1.25 km2)
Available berths 10 (general cargo × 7, petroleum × 1, floating RoRo × 1, auto and RoRo × 1)
Chief Executive Officer Eric Casey

Does Lewes have a downtown?

Downtown Lewes is a small, condensed district that is mostly located along 2nd St. You may spend your time exploring the numerous restaurants, cafés, stores, and galleries in this area. If you want to be able to walk everywhere, I propose that you stay downtown.

Is Lewes Delaware the first town?

‘The First Town in the First State’ is how the town of Lewes refers to itself because it was established as early as the state’s founding, and Delaware was also the first state to ratify the US Constitution. We called our town Lewes after the town of Lewes in the United Kingdom, which is located in a region known as the county of Sussex (from which Sussex County, Delaware gets its name).

What is the oldest city in Delaware?

Lewes. As the first town in Delaware, Lewes is a picturesque seaside city that has earned the label ″The First Town in the First State″ due to its historical significance as the site of the Dutch founding in 1631.

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