How Far Is Orange Beach Alabama From Atlanta?

It takes 353 miles or 568 kilometers to go from Atlanta, Georgia to Orange Beach, Alabama in a straight line. Your journey begins in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It comes to a close at Orange Beach, Alabama.

What is the closest beach to Atlanta?

Tybee Island, which is 267 miles from downtown Atlanta, is the nearest ocean beach to the metropolis. Since the late nineteenth century, this historic seaside area has been a popular tourist attraction. It is still a popular destination due to the long stretches of beach and the laid-back, old-school beach town atmosphere.

How far is Orange Beach from the Florida line?

There is a 349-mile difference in total straight-line distance between Orange Beach, AL and Tampa, FL. There are 562 kilometers or 303 nautical miles between the two points.

How far is Atlanta GA from Orange Beach FL?

There are 305 miles between Atlanta and Orange Beach in the distance between the two cities. This route covers 353 kilometers on the road.

How far is it from Atlanta to Gulf Shores AL?

The entire driving distance between Atlanta, Georgia and Gulf Shores, Alabama is 354 miles or 570 kilometers (one way). Your journey begins in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It comes to a close in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

What is the prettiest beach in Georgia?

  1. Georgia has 11 of the best beaches in the world. Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach
  2. Little St. Simons Island’s Main Beach
  3. St. Simons Island’s East Beach
  4. Jekyll Island’s Glory Beach
  5. Jekyll Island’s St. Andrews Beach
  6. Sapelo Island’s Nanny Goat Beach
  7. Callaway Resort & Gardens’ Robin Lake Beach
  8. Callaway Resort & Gardens’ Robin Lake Beach
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Do Atlanta Georgia have a beach?

Although there are no beaches in Atlanta per se, the surrounding getaway paradises such as the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which is just a short drive away and where you can swim, explore nature, sunbathe in the sun, and escape the hustle and bustle, make it difficult to be dissatisfied with the city.

What is Orange Beach known for?

In addition to outstanding lodgings and rentals, award-winning restaurants, and incredible events are available in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. With one-of-a-kind activities like championship golf, nature trails, water sports, and amusement parks, our paradise is filled with Southern friendliness. Visit us now! (like the well known Waterville USA).

Does Orange Beach have blue water?

In response to: How clear is the water? The water is very clear, and the sand is immaculate white. One of the most beautiful beaches in all of America. You will have a great time with GS.

What’s the difference between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?

Gulf Shores is the older, more established beach community, and it is located at the crossroads of State Highway 182 and State Highway 59 in Baldwin County. Orange Beach stretches from Gulf Coast State Park all the way to Perdido Key in the state of Florida. Orange Beach is a newer and more relaxed destination that is increasing busier every year.

Is Gulf Shores or Pensacola better?

Because the region is larger than Pensacola, there are more hotels and condominiums, which may result in a little busier atmosphere. In Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, there are also beach shops, wonderful restaurants, and activities to participate in that are near by. Families will like both of these locations. In any case, you can’t go wrong with your choice.

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How far is the Alabama coast from Atlanta?

Drive from Atlanta, Georgia, to Gulf Shores, Alabama. There are 348 miles between Atlanta and Gulf Shores, which is a reasonable distance. Consequently, it is the ideal destination for a quick weekend break with acceptable travel hours. Whether you choose to fly or drive, there are several possibilities to make this journey as convenient as possible for you.

What airport is closest to Gulf Shores Alabama?

The nearest airport to Gulf Shores is Jack Edwards National Airport (JKA), which is located about 2.5 miles away.

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