How Many Millionaires In Illinois?


Rank State Number of millionaire households
2 Texas 650,216
3 New York 570,456
4 Florida 496,971
5 Illinois 346,873

How many pensioners are millionaires in Illinois?

These are the pension millionaires of the state of Illinois. These individuals account for one percent of the state’s population of 12.7 million people. According to a recent research by the Illinois Policy Institute, more than 129,000 public retirees in Illinois will receive expected payments of more than $1 million apiece during the length of their retirements.

What is it like to be a millionaire in Illinois?

Compared to the rest of the country, Illinois has a larger concentration of millionaires than the norm, and a million dollars goes a little farther in the Prairie State than it does in much of the rest of the country. Illinois has a cost of living that is 1.9 percent lower than the national average, yet taxes may be quite expensive.

Who are the richest people in Illinois?

  1. Gail Miller, the state’s wealthiest individual, has a net worth of $1.7 billion, the majority of which comes from auto dealerships.
  2. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the cost of living in the region is 3.4 percent cheaper than the national average.
  3. Law professors and podiatrists make the list of the top ten jobs with the highest average wages in the country.
  4. Illinois is ranked 15th in the country.
  5. 7.13 percent of the population is made up of millionaires.

How many millionaires live in Iowa?

  1. Households with millionaires: 73,129 The total number of households is 1,280,747.
  2. 5.71 percent of the population is made up of millionaires.
  3. The median household income is $59,955, which is the national average.
  4. The average house is worth $152,000.
  5. Even though Iowa is an agricultural and food-processing behemoth with a cheap cost of living, the state may be taxing on citizens’ wallets when it comes to paying their state and local taxes.
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How many millionaires are in Chicago?

This is the city in Illinois with the highest concentration of billionaires.

City with the most billionaires: Number of billionaires: Total billionaire net worth:
Georgia: Atlanta 12 $55.1 billion
Hawaii: Honolulu 1 $23.8 billion
Idaho: Idaho Falls 1 $3.5 billion
Illinois: Chicago 11 $49.5 billion

How many billionaires are in Illinois?


Rank by Number of Billionaires (9/15/20) State or Federal District Billionaires/ State’s 10M pop. (7/19 Census) (9/15/20)
6 Illinois 13.42
7 Connecticut 39.27
5 Massachusetts 29.02
8 Georgia 11.30

How many millionaires and billionaires live in Illinois?

This is the city in Illinois with the highest concentration of billionaires.

City with the most billionaires: Number of billionaires: Total billionaire net worth:
Illinois: Chicago 11 $49.5 billion
Indiana: Bloomington 1 $10.5 billion
Iowa: Adel 1 $5.4 billion
Kansas: Wichita 1 $44.9 billion

Who is the richest guy in Illinois?

Millionaire Ken Griffin has stated that he intends to back a candidate who is capable of defeating Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker ″all in.″ Bloomberg reports that Griffin is the founder and CEO of Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel, and that he is also the wealthiest person in Illinois, according to Forbes.

Where do rich live in Illinois?

Forest Glen and Winnetka are two neighborhoods in Winnetka. This neighborhood is now considered to be one of the most affluent and exclusive areas in the state of Illinois, with a typical home value of $1,091,700 and a median household income of $250,001.

Is Illinois a rich state?

Illinois has the fifth-highest GDP in the country and is the fifth-most populated state in the country. Illinois has a gross domestic product of $785,671,000 and a median family income of $69,187.

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Who is the richest family in Chicago?

Members of the family’s good fortune

Rank Name Net Worth
512 J. B. Pritzker $3.4 billion
847 John Pritzker $2.6 billion
551 Thomas Pritzker $3.1 billion
737 Penny Pritzker $2.5 billion

Which state has the most millionaires 2021?

As of March 2021, California was the state with the most number of billionaires in the United States, with 189 billionaires residing in the state. In 2021, the states with the highest concentration of billionaires in the United States will be named.

Characteristic Number of billionaires

What is the richest city in Illinois?

  1. Hawthorn Woods, Illinois is one of the state’s wealthiest cities.
  2. In the hills of Campton.
  3. Northbrook.
  4. Libertyville.
  5. Deerfield.
  6. Spring water from Western Springs.
  7. Lake Bluff is a neighborhood in the city of Lake Bluff, New York.
  8. Inverness

What is the wealthiest part of Illinois?

Illinois counties are rated according to their per capita income.

Rank County Per capita income
1 Lake $38,120
2 DuPage $37,849
3 McHenry $31,838
4 Monroe $31,091

Who is the richest woman in Illinois?

Jennifer Pritzker
Born James Nicholas Pritzker August 13, 1950 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Education Loyola University Chicago (BA)
Occupation Investor, philanthropist
Known for First transgender billionaire, founder of Tawani Foundation and Pritzker Military Library

Who is the richest family in Illinois?

Among those who have made significant contributions to the state’s prosperity is Ken Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel.

How many billionaires live in Chicago?

In Chicago, there are presently 25 billionaires. There are 2,668 billionaires in the globe, for a total of 2,668 billionaires. Twenty-five of those are residents of the city of Chicago.

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Is Lake Forest IL rich?

In addition to being one of the earliest affluent Chicago suburbs, Lake Forest has been the home of several historical personalities and wealthy individuals throughout its history. Now, it still lives up to its illustrious predecessor. Lake Forest, with its expansive estates, is an affluent city that is home to a large number of retired folks and older families.

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