How Much Are Toll Roads In Indiana?

Tolls for standard passenger cars will increase to $9.23 for E-ZPass users and $9.20 for cash users along the section of the road that runs from Portage to Eastpoint beginning in July 2020. The toll at the Westpoint barrier will increase to an additional $2.81 for E-ZPass users and $2.80 for cash users, respectively.

How much does the Indiana tollway cost?


Toll Road Name Indiana East-West Toll Road, Indiana
Auto Cost $10.00 max for the full length, $4.65 min (calculate your costs here:
Trucks Cost $86.60 max, $14.60 min
Distance of the Toll Road 157 miles – 252.67 Km
How to pay E-Zpass, cash

How do I pay tolls in Indiana?

Toll roads in Indiana allow the following forms of payment in addition to others:

  1. E-ZPass and Passes That Are Compatible With It The following transponders, in addition to E-ZPass, are accepted by the state of Indiana:
  2. Some of the toll roads in Indiana accept cash payments.
  3. Payments Made using a Bank Card
  4. On certain Indiana toll highways, you are given the choice to be billed

Can I pay cash on Indiana Toll Road?

Either cash or an E-ZPass may be used to pay tolls on Indiana roadways.

Does Indiana have toll roads?

I-80/90, also known as the Indiana Toll Road (ITRCC), stretches through the northernmost region of Indiana for 157 miles, beginning at the state’s boundary with Ohio and ending at the Illinois state line. The ITR has been in service continuously since 1956, and it serves as the major connector between downtown Chicago and the Chicago Skyway.

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How much is Indiana E-ZPass?

An E-ZPass in the state of Indiana costs $12.00 per year in addition to requiring a deposit of $7.00. The minimum amount required is $10 or the average for the previous month, and the account will automatically replenish itself at a rate of 25% of the previous three-month average with a minimum of $2.50.

Is i 90 a toll road in Indiana?

Along the Indiana East/West Tollway, Interstate 90 and Interstate 80 are combined throughout northern Indiana to form the Indiana East/West Tollway. This route requires drivers to pay in order to travel from the Chicago region to Hammond, Gary, and South Bend. Interstates 80 and 90 continue east along the Ohio Turnpike all the way to Elyria after entering Ohio west of Toledo.

What toll pass Works in Indiana?

E-ZPass is an electronic toll payment system that is utilized by around twenty-five toll agencies in the United States, including Indiana. On the Indiana Toll Road and the Chicago Skyway, it can be used instead of or in addition to an I-Pass.

How much is the Louisville toll bridge?

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (the 17th of June, 2021) — On July 1, 2021, new toll charges will go into effect for the three bridges that connect Louisville and Southern Indiana. The rates will range anywhere from $2.21 to $13.26 per mile, and they will depend on the size of the vehicle as well as whether or not the driver has a prepaid account.

Are there tolls on I 65 in Indiana?

Tolls are required to cross three of the bridges that connect Louisville, Kentucky with Southern Indiana. These include the Lincoln and Kennedy bridges on Interstate 65, as well as the Lewis and Clark Bridge on State Route 265 and Kentucky State Route 841. Because RiverLink utilizes entirely electronic tolling, drivers do not need to slow down, stop, or wait in queues.

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Can I use I-PASS in Indiana?

Easier Travel Across the United States — You are able to use your I-PASS everywhere that accepts E-ZPass, including the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana Toll Road, and 17 other states. (with the use of the E-ZPass system)

Is I-94 a toll road in Indiana?

The Borman Expressway features an interchange with the Indiana Toll Road located to the east of the junction where it meets the US 6 highway.I-80 branches off of I-94 and continues in an easterly direction past the toll way.At the toll road intersection, the name of the Borman Expressway comes to an end.Before leaving Lake Station and approaching Portage, the toll road is crossed by the freeway as it travels through the area.

How much is the Indiana Skyway toll?

Toll Rates

# OF AXLES PEAK TIMES 4am – 8pm OFF-PEAK TIMES 8pm – 4am
2 $5.90 $5.90
3 $20.90 $14.90
4 $27.80 $19.90
5 $34.70 $24.80

How do I pay the toll for the Louisville Bridge?

To pay your tolls, go to and click the Pay Tolls button. Enter the license plate number, the state in which the car is registered, and the last six digits of the vehicle identification number in the ″Pay by Plate″ section (VIN). You may check your toll balance and pay using any of the following methods: ACH, credit card, or debit card.

How do I pay Illinois tolls after 14 days?

You have up to 14 days after your trip to submit your license plate information and payment information using the Pay By Plate function of the Illinois Tollway. This will allow you to record your tolls and save you from incurring any further penalties or costs. Your credit card will be charged the same cash rate for tolls that you would pay on the Illinois Tollway.

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