How Much Does A Gallon Of Gas Cost In Hawaii?


Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $5.165 $5.588
Yesterday Avg. $5.157 $5.566
Week Ago Avg. $5.154 $5.566
Month Ago Avg. $5.120 $5.453

Is gas expensive in Hawaii?

Hawaii gas costs per litre of fuel During that time period, the average value for Hawaii was 1.36 U.S.Dollar, with a low of 1.22 U.S.Dollar on 24-Jan-2022 and a high of 1.49 U.S.

Dollar on 02-May-2022.The lowest value for Hawaii during that time period was 1.22 U.S.Dollar on 24-Jan-2022.Comparatively, the average price of petrol in the world during this time frame was $1.86 US Dollars per gallon of fuel.

Is gas more expensive in Hawaii or California?

According to AAA, the following are the top ten states with the highest gas prices, as well as the average price per gallon in each state as of Thursday: California’s tax rate is $5.694. Nevada is worth $4.872. Hawaii is $4.410 per capita.

Why is gas cheaper in Hawaii?

It is partly due to the geographic location of a state that there are differences in regional gas pricing. ‘The closer you live to a refinery, the more likely it is that you will spend less at the pump,’ Green stated. ″ Hawaii, maybe more than any other state, is an illustration of this.

Is gas cheaper in Hawaii?

Hawaii has the second-highest gas costs in the United States, and there is little indication that this will change this summer. Please type a search word in the box below.

How much is 1 gallon of milk in Hawaii?

The cost of living in Honolulu is rather high.

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Restaurants Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 6.34$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 5.68$
Rice (white), (1 lb) 3.58$
Eggs (regular) (12) 4.23$

What state has highest gas prices?

In terms of gasoline prices, California has the most costly, while Missouri has the least expensive.

Why is Hawaii gas so high?

Several factors influence the price of gasoline in Hawaii, including the state’s expensive real estate market and the expense of transporting petroleum by barge to the state’s other islands after it has been refined at the Par Pacific refinery on Oahu. In normal circumstances, it is common for crude oil price patterns to have an impact on retail pricing 60 days in advance.

How much is a pack of cigarettes in Hawaii?

Cigarette Prices by State for the Year 2022

State Price Tax
Hawaii $10.41 $3.20
Maryland $10.26 $3.75
Illinois $10.16 $2.98
Washington $10.14 $3.02

What state has lowest gas prices?

  1. Ten states with the least costly gas prices are shown below. Minnesota. $3.95
  2. South Dakota is a state in the United States. $3.97
  3. Colorado. $3.97
  4. $4.00 in Texas
  5. Mississippi, $4.00
  6. Louisiana, $4.00
  7. The state of Montana received $4.02
  8. Wisconsin, $4.02 per gallon
  9. Wyoming is $4.03 per dollar.

What state has the best gasoline?

  1. Following the release of a new research, Missouri ranks first among states with the lowest fuel costs while California continues to be the state with the highest prices. Hawaii—$4.69
  2. Nevada—$4.59
  3. Oregon—$4.51
  4. Washington—$4.44
  5. Alaska—$4.39
  6. Illinois—$4.30
  7. Connecticut—$4.28
  8. $4.26 in New York

What is the highest gas price ever?

(WJW) – The Washington Journal-World reports that The average price of gasoline in the United States has officially surpassed the previous high established in the summer of 2008, when it soared to $4.11. With an average price of $4.17, it is currently the highest average gas price in the history of the United States.

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How much is a gallon of milk in Hawaii 2021?

For example, a gallon of whole milk on Oahu can cost $8.99, with the cheapest gallon of whole milk available at Costco for around $5.50.

How much is food in Hawaii?

While meal prices in Hawaii might vary, the average cost of food in Hawaii is $61 per day, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Based on the spending tendencies of recent visitors, a typical lunch in Hawaii should cost around $24 per person while dining out. Generally speaking, breakfast is a little less expensive than lunch or supper.

How much is gas in Kona Hawaii?

Gas Prices in Hawaii’s Big Island

Price Station City
4.790 Costco 73-5600 Maiau St Kailua Kona Apr 16,3:21 AM Kailua Kona
5.530 Shell 76-274 Lako St Kailua Kona Apr 15,9:37 AM Kailua Kona
5.540 Hele 74-5590 Palani Rd Ste 30 Kailua Kona Apr 16,9:40 AM Kailua Kona
5.540 Ohana Fuels 73-4041 Hulikoa Dr Kailua Kona Apr 15,4:27 PM Kailua Kona

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