How To Become An Indiana Notary?

How does one go about getting their notary commission in the state of Indiana?

  1. Meet the prerequisites for eligibility that were outlined in the section before this one
  2. Get a copy of the limited criminal history record kept by the Indiana State Police
  3. A notary bond in the amount of $25,000 should be obtained
  4. Participate in an educational program for notaries
  5. Successfully complete a test that will be given by the Secretary of State

How long does it take to become a notary in Indiana?

  1. Every applicant is required to demonstrate that they have successfully completed a notary education course and exam.
  2. After paying the application cost, you will have access to the education course as well as the exam.
  3. After you have successfully completed the examination, your application will then be sent to the office of the Secretary of State for a final evaluation.
  • Please wait between five and ten business days for the processing of your order.

How much does it cost to get a notary license in Indiana?

To submit an application for a Notary Public commission in Indiana, you will need to pay a filing fee of $5 as well as an application cost of $75. A limited criminal history record from the Indiana State Police can be obtained for an additional price of $16.32, and it should be no more than 30 days old from the date of application at the very most.

Can a notary notarize for a family member in Indiana?

Is it possible for me to notarize a document for a member of my own family? Under Indiana law, you are permitted to act as a notary for a member of your own family. However, the vast majority of experts on notarization agree that notaries should not notarize documents for members of their own family.

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What are Indiana notaries prohibited from doing?

It is against the law for notaries to notarize papers for themselves, their spouses, or any third party that stands to benefit directly from the notary or their spouse in any way. Notaries who have been commissioned will be required to participate in a brief continuing education seminar once every two years.

Who can be a notary public?

A Notary Public is an attorney who has been given the legal authority to act as a witness at the signing of papers, to receive statements from members of the public, and to certify that the contents of an official document are, in fact, true and correct. In some ways, the level of care that is expected of a Notary Public is more than that of an Attorney.

Can an Indiana notary perform an oath?

  1. The following notarial actions may be performed by a distant notary public who is physically present in Indiana and who is authorized to do remote notarial acts: (1) Receiving your acknowledgment of this.
  2. (2) Taking an affirmation or oath in front of witnesses.
  3. (3) Taking a verification under a solemn oath or solemn affirmation.
  • (4) The act of attesting to or witnessing the signing of a document.

Does Indiana require a notary seal?

Does the state of Indiana mandate that notaries use official stamps to authenticate documents? In the state of Indiana, all notaries are required to comply with a mandate that mandates them affix an official Indiana notary stamp to any and all papers that they notarize.

Can a felon be a notary in Indiana?

Notaries are required to swear under oath to uphold and abide by the laws of the United States as well as the laws of the state of Indiana. No one who has been found guilty of a crime and given a sentence of more than six months in jail is eligible to work as a notary public (see Indiana Code 5-8-3-1).

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Can a notary public marry someone in Indiana?

Recent legislative proposals have been made in the states of Minnesota and Indiana that would, if passed, make it legal for Notaries to preside over wedding ceremonies. If the bills were to become law, those states, along with Maine, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada, would be the only jurisdictions in the US that would enable Notaries to legally marry two persons.

How long is a notary good for in Indiana?

Notaries in Indiana do not have their commissions automatically renewed. When your commission is up for renewal after 8 years, you will need to submit a new application.

What do you write when you notarize a document?

In the space provided, write the name of the individual who is attesting to the veracity of the contents of the documents. Sign your name precisely as it exists on file with the Secretary of State, then affix the official notary seal in such a way that all of the essential features of the notary seal appear legibly on the document.

What all can a notary do?

  1. Responsibilities of a Public Notary in India any instrument that has to be certified, attested, or authenticated
  2. Administer oaths or serve as a witness when deponents swear to the truth in affidavits
  3. To conduct out translations of legal documents from one language into another and validate such translations

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