Question: Can An LVN Challenge The RN Board In California?

The student should also be aware that they may not change their status as a 30 unit option RN with the Board of Registered Nursing at any time after licensure.

Most other states do not recognize California’s LVN 30 unit option and will not issue RN licenses to these LVNs.

The college acts as a facilitator.

Can I challenge the LPN exam?

NURSING – LPN Challenge Exam. LPN-RN applicants may take the LPN Challenge Exam prior to LPN licensure, but must have an active LPN license prior to final acceptance into the program. Candidates who do not enter the program after 3 years of testing the LPN Challenge Exam will be required to repeat the exam process.

How do I get my LVN license in California?

In order to become a California Licensed Vocational Nurse, one has to complete a vocational nursing program approved by the state and pass a licensing exam. The only requirement for an entry in a LVN education program is a high school diploma, or its equivalent.

Can a CNA become a LVN?

CNA’s are not licensed, but usually must pass a competency examination and register with their state’s board of nursing. A CNA who wishes to be licensed as an LPN will need to apply to and be accepted by an LPN certificate or diploma course. Registered nurses (RNs) take the NCLEX-RN exam.

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